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January 28, 2017

Nathan Kimsey

Doha, Qatar

Q. What was that like for you?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It was a good day, really good day. Started off nicely. Somewhat calmer conditions the first sort of few holes, and then yeah, wind got up on the back nine and managed to still hit some good shots and get a score going.

Q. What's life on The European Tour been like for you so far?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It's been awesome. Yeah, a dream come true. Obviously been working a long time to try and get here, and it's just great to be out here and playing these events.

Q. The Qualifying School went very well for you.
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, still almost can't quite believe it to be honest. Yeah, it was just kind of going in there with no expectations and probably helped me out in the end and played some good golf and managed to get my card, yeah.

Q. What about the year, what expectations do you have when finding new golf courses, new environment, a whole new bunch of players to play with?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, I'm just trying to take it one week at time a time, really. Obviously a lot of new golf courses, a lot of new countries, a lot of new faces. So just trying to sort of enjoy every week and every moment that I've got out here.

Q. So what do you do now? I think you're leading right now. How good does that feel?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Feels great. Yeah, just keep trying to play some good golf. It's great to see my name at the top.

Q. And strengths of your game are, what?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Putting is my main strength for sure. But I'd say my game is fairly well rounded and that's what I've proved this week. I've done everything fairly well.

Q. 66 puts you co-leader at the moment. How does that feel?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Feels awesome. Yeah, beginning of the day, just wanted to go out there and try and play some good golf and get a little bit of a score going and move a little bit closer to the leaders. Yeah, kind of went a few above that, so that's great.

Q. Three birdies at the turn, always nice to kick-start that back nine.
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, again, started off nice but a little quiet and then had a decent run around the turn. Yeah, that sort of jumped me up into a share of the lead I think at the time.

Q. What are conditions like today compared to the last two days?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It definitely started off calmer this morning than it was yesterday. Yeah, so it made the first sort of six, eight holes for us fairly scorable. But the wind is definitely getting up this afternoon. The back nine was playing really tricky.

Q. This European Tour life is quite easy. You must be loving it.
NATHAN KIMSEY: I don't want to get into that mind-set. I feel like that's a bit of a trap. But no, I'm certainly enjoying every moment I've had out here so far.

Q. You must be really pleased going into the final day.
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, you know, just to be anywhere near the lead and competing to win these events is a great feeling, so to go into Sunday, sort of somewhere up there.

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