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January 27, 2017

Nacho Elvira

Doha, Qatar

Q. As things stand, you're the halfway leader of the Qatar Masters. How does that sound?
NACHO ELVIRA: It sounds great. I feel very happy. I had two good rounds in a row, and today was a bit tougher with the wind. I'm very happy with a 69 today.

Q. Conditions are very tricky out there, which does make the round even more impressive.
NACHO ELVIRA: It is, it is definitely harder than yesterday. The wind is blowing and picking up as the day goes on, and it's making hitting it close to the pin much tougher. I mean, finishing with a round under par today, I'm very happy.

Q. You really took advantage, in particular, of the par 5s.
NACHO ELVIRA: Yeah, definitely. I managed to hit a couple fairways with good drives on the par 5s and on 10, I hit a really good second shot to nine feet from the pin for eagle and I managed to make the putt. Very happy with that. Hopefully I can keep going like this.

Q. Thoughts ahead of the weekend?
NACHO ELVIRA: Just try to stay calm and keep trying to do what I'm doing. Focus on my routine and the game plan that we have, and see where it gets us.

Q. Are you the kind of player to look at the leaderboard all afternoon and see whether you hold good at the top, or is it just a case of getting to the range and then to the hotel and relaxing?
NACHO ELVIRA: I'll probably sneak a couple looks, but not to worry. Two more days to play golf and two more days to enjoy.

Q. What are your thoughts on a round of 3-under today?
NACHO ELVIRA: It's been a good round. Honestly I played pretty solid off the tee. I managed to not get myself into much trouble and I putted really well throughout yesterday and today. I'm very happy with the 3-under.

Q. Especially with the eagle at 10.
NACHO ELVIRA: Yeah, definitely. The wind was helping a little bit on 10. I hit a really good drive and I had a 6-iron in and I managed to hit a really good shot to nine feet away from the pin and managed to make the putt.

Q. And a good putt at the last?
NACHO ELVIRA: Yeah, definitely. Especially I had a really tricky putt on the last for birdie and I rolled it maybe five feet by. It was a tricky putt coming back, but I'm very happy with a par save.

Q. Tough conditions compared to yesterday. Nice to get a score in?
NACHO ELVIRA: Definitely. It's much windier today than it was yesterday. Some holes are maybe downwind are playing a little bit shorter but some holes are harder. Any round under par today I think is very good.

Q. In a strong position going into the weekend now.
NACHO ELVIRA: Yeah, I'm in good position, and I'm just happy that I'm playing decent golf -- decent. I'm playing good golf, and let's see where the weekend gets us.

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