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January 27, 2017

Alex Noren

Doha, Qatar

Q. You're well placed going into the weekend.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it was quite a tricky day. I didn't maybe play my best all the way around. But you know, 2-under par for the day, and like you say, heading into the weekend, anything can happen.

Q. Just the one blip at the 15th. What happened there?
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I 3-putted. I had a lot of long putts for birdies today which is not the best maybe, but it was a bogey 3-putt there, yeah.

Q. I guess you'll take a round of 2-under in very tricky conditions.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I found it a little bit trickier than yesterday. But you know, it's a lot of chances. There's some long holes like 9 coming in is quite tricky, even though it's a par 5. Pretty tricky pin placements here and there. Same on 15, it's a long hole. It's a long iron in, so it's a little bit trickier than yesterday.

Q. 9 is a good example, isn't it, one of the pins that was further back and difficult to reach.
ALEX NOREN: Yeah, definitely. I hit it in the rough off the tee and had a 5-iron into that pin which is not ideal. But it was a little bit tricky, yeah.

Q. You're coming in as the highest-ranked player in the field. Do you feel any pressure heading into the weekend?
ALEX NOREN: I feel a lot more pressure in general, yeah, with the highest-ranked player maybe. But I'm trying not to think about it too much. It's in the back of my mind, but there's so many good players here. It's not all about the rankings. You have to keep it up, as well.

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