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January 27, 2017

Thomas Aiken

Doha, Qatar

Q. Bogey-free 4-under, you must be happy with that?
THOMAS AIKEN: Yeah, I got off to a nice start early this morning. Birdied my first two holes and went stagnant for about 13 holes. But hit some great shots. Just didn't capitalise with the putter. Then had two nice birdies coming home.

So all in all, very pleased with the day. It wasn't that easy out there. The wind is blowing in kind of a different direction to what we are used to here. We are used to it playing more out of the north and it's playing out of the south. Makes the finishing holes on both nines quite difficult. So all in all, very happy with the start.

Q. Always nice to finish in a birdie, as well, isn't it.
THOMAS AIKEN: Yeah, especially when you hit driver, 3-iron, 4-iron, into a par 5.

Q. You mentioned the wind there, obviously very different compared to yesterday. Did you have to adapt slightly today?
THOMAS AIKEN: We are pretty used to having the wind here. It's just the direction that's really different. This is my 10th time playing here, so I'm used to seeing the wind coming from a completely different direction and holes play the way that you are used to. Whereas this year, it's kind of from a different direction.

It's like playing a new golf course effectively. Certain holes play a lot shorter, and other holes play a lot longer. Normally you see the guys finishing up on 9 and 18, and 18 you're getting in with a 5-iron, 4-iron into the green in two, and today we are laying up with 2-irons and 3-woods. It's a little different to what we are used to. We are used to the wind blowing.

Q. You must have quite a lot of confidence coming into this week.
THOMAS AIKEN: Yeah, I've been playing very nice golf. Obviously set some nice goals up to the end of Malaysia. So far, so good. So hopefully we can stick to them.

Q. How high are those goals?
THOMAS AIKEN: We need to get a win in there, but so far, so good.

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