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January 27, 2017

Jordan Smith

Doha, Qatar

Q. How unusual is it to be one shot back and, what are you, ninth?
JORDAN SMITH: It's pretty bunched at the top there. I saw where the cut line was and it sort of stayed there. Getting ready for the weekend now.

Q. How difficult was it out there?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, very difficult. The wind was picking up a lot going into the afternoon. I hit some awesome iron shots out there. Just really happy with the way I played.

Q. A lot of people took notice of you when you played in the last three ball in the South African Open with Rory and Graeme, the eventual winner. What did you learn about yourself that day?
JORDAN SMITH: Well, I got some kind words off Rory and Graeme afterwards. So it was nice of them to come up and say the kind words. Just sort of realised myself that I can sort of go toe-to-toe with them and that I've got the game to sort of challenge.

Q. And did you come here expecting to have a good one this week?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I come in with a lot of confidence. I've had a good couple of weeks. Getting the hang of things. So yeah, looking forward to the weekend.

Q. And is the course a fun one to play?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I really enjoy it. It's tough. You've got to hit the fairways. Hit the rough, you're struggling to hold the green. It's a good test. Really enjoy it.

Q. Do you think you're a better low-score player or a better tough-course player?
JORDAN SMITH: I'd like to say that I'm pretty good in the wind. Obviously growing up, playing a lot of links courses, amateur days, sort of get used to those sort of things.

Q. 6-under today. Let's get your thoughts on that?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I'm over the moon. I hit some awesome iron shots in there all day, really. Holed some good putts. There was a lot of short putts that I missed but I was really happy.

Q. Eagle to start, birdie to finish. Quite nice, isn't it?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I holed out from 135 yards, so that always starts the day nicely.

Q. Everyone seems to be struggling in the wind out there. You seem to be loving it.
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, I don't on what it was really. I've sort of played a lot in the wind. Sort of get used to it after awhile. Like I said, hit a lot of good iron shots.

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