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January 26, 2017

Nathan Kimsey

Doha, Qatar

Q. What are your thoughts on that?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It was a great day. Yeah, just kind of went out this morning, just trying to play some good golf. Just kind of get off to a decent start, and I managed to do that.

Q. And you had four birdies in a row on the turn. How important was that?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, that kind of really got me going. I played well the front nine -- the back nine, my front nine, but not really sort of managed to hole too many putts. Then kind of had a good run around the turn, so that really kick-started the round.

Q. And the conditions out there, obviously it's a lot calmer than you've been used to the last couple of days practicing. How different was that?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It was different, because you're just hitting so many different clubs off the tees and taking different lines. You're sort of practicing in the wind first few days, trying to figure out how to play the golf course. And come out this morning, there's not a breath. Yeah, it does change it a bit. But it's nice to play without the wind.

Q. Going back to South Africa, you missed the cut there. Is there anything you've been working on particularly in your game?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, just did a lot of work last week. Stayed out in Dubai last week and did a lot of work with my coach, Hugh Marr. Yeah, we had a good few days out there and then a good few days sort of preparing here. So hopefully I can keep the good swing thoughts up and post some more good numbers.

Q. You really caught fire particularly from 14 through to the first.
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, started off sort of nicely hitting the ball well. Not really holing too many putts early and had a good run around the turn that really kick-started the day.

Q. Were you surprised how benign the conditions were?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, we saw the forecast yesterday and knew it was going to be calmer. But there wasn't a breath for nine or ten holes out there, and even the back nine, it wasn't too much. It was a little surprising but it was nice to play in.

Q. Obviously helps when the course is a little bit less protected, but you have gone through all those practice sessions; effectively adjusting your swing to adapt to the wind. Is the transition quite difficult between practice and round one when the conditions change so dramatically?
NATHAN KIMSEY: It's nicer when you prepare for the bad conditions and then you get nice ones. It's a bit tougher when it's the other way around. But yeah, you sort of had to take a few different lines off the tees and you're obviously hitting a lot different clubs into the greens. So it did take some adjusting, but thankfully I did that.

Q. How significant is it to you personally to be a co-leader, even at the early stages of the tournament, given that you've come through Q-School and you're now playing on The European Tour. Have you felt fazed at any point, or do you feel quite settled now playing this kind of level?
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, it's definitely helpful to get some good rounds in and sort of prove to myself more than anyone that I can compete with these guys out here. Yeah, it's obviously early this week, and early this morning still. But it's nice to be tied lead and playing some good golf.

Q. For those that don't know you or look at a round like this and say, that's good for your confidence; but of course there was that 61 at Q-School, too. Talk us through that.
NATHAN KIMSEY: Yeah, that was a bit mad. I was playing well all day that day, and then just had a bit of a crazy finish to shoot 61. That again, gave me a lot of confidence to then play the rest of that week and close it out and then come out here and know that I can shoot those kind of numbers, at least on a semi-regular basis, shall we say, hopefully.

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