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January 22, 2017

Bud Cauley

La Quinta, California

Q. You were right in the middle of it that whole back nine. Your take away from your final round performance?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, I played well. I left a lot of shots out there. I gave myself some looks and wasn't able to make some of the putts.

Then I hit a decent drive there on 16 and put my 3-wood in a terrible spot up there on the hill.

So, I left a few out there, but I played well and I hope to build on this going forward.

Q. You end up making par on that hole and you and Hudson were tied as you stepped to the 17th tee. What was the thought process?
BUD CAULEY: I was trying to aim it at Harman's ball and hit a little cut in there and I came over and pulled it. And then the putt, I have been struggling with my speed all day, and I hit it, it was on a pretty good line, just came up short.

Then 18, I hit a pretty great drive, just ran through in the rough and kind of had a little squirrely lie, the grass was kind of going in every direction. So it squirted out right. And I gave that one a pretty good run, but, yeah, it was just tough to get it close out that have lie.

Q. Big picture, what does a week like this do for you, considering it's the start of 2017, basically?
BUD CAULEY: It's nice. It's nice to play well. I worked really hard this off season to try to get my game in shape and I saw a lot of good things this week. I'm going to play the next two and hopefully build on that and hopefully keep playing well.

Q. Wedge goes in on 11 and things got really interesting there on the back nine.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, that was fun. I actually laid it up a little farther back than I wanted to and I was joking with Zach that I should have hit one more club. And then hit a great shot there and it happened to go in and he said, "well I think that was a pretty good spot to lay up in." But I played well, I left a few shots out there today, but played really solid.

Q. Given where you've come back from the last couple years, from the surgery, to get to the point to have the adrenaline on a back nine with a chance to win a tournament today has to feel pretty good.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. It was fun to be out there and have a chance and be playing well. I'm really pleased with the way I hit the ball, I thought I gave myself a lot of looks. A couple of those putts could have gone in and maybe take advantage of 16 and maybe could have caught up with those guys.

Q. A ton of FedExCup points, your best finish of the year, how does this help springboard you?
BUD CAULEY: It's great. Going to play the next two events, so obviously I saw a lot of positive things this week, so try to build on that the next couple and see if I can get myself back in contention again.

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