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September 27, 2002

Loren Roberts


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Great job today. 7 under par, 63, puts you as our leader in the clubhouse. A lot of players out there yet. You had a great day. Let's get some opening comments from you.

LOREN ROBERTS: I played very well. Actually I putted very well today. I actually hit the ball maybe a little better. I was closer to the hole yesterday and today I made a bunch of putts. I made putts in the 15-, 18-, 20- foot range for birdie today. And any time you do that, you're going to shot a low score.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: As far as the golf course, is it playing similar? There's been some lower scores today. We had a 61 earlier, or is it the fact that people are making more putts?

LOREN ROBERTS: The greens are really good. I don't see as much grain on them as I have in the past. There is no wind today. We had a breeze yesterday. Today there is absolutely no breeze and the ball is going a little farther today. Some of the holes that played long yesterday, like the second hole, are a little easier to get to. I just think the golf course played a shot and a half easier today.

Q. Are LaCantera's greens confusing to read for you, or for all the players?

LOREN ROBERTS: I missed a punch of putts yesterday, and I changed my thought process. I started playing not as much grain, just started going more straighter at the hole, and I made some today. So that tells me I think maybe the greens -- the grain is not affecting the ball as much. I made some today by playing less break and so I'm going to keep doing that.

Q. When you came to the course today and saw the wind wasn't blowing like it was yesterday, did you figure you would need to go a lot lower?

LOREN ROBERTS: I got off to a good start yesterday afternoon, and today it was nice to get off to a good low start. I figured if I could go around the back side two or three under, I would set myself up in a good position, and I made a couple of good birdies, especially the birdie I made on 18. And then, you know, I made the turn around and then made three in a row on 6, 7, and 8, and that really -- you know, obviously you put two good nines together you're going to have a low round.

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