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January 22, 2017

Pablo Larrazabal

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: I gave it my best. I never give up, and obviously I didn't play my best, but I tried my best, holding some putts, holding the chip-in on 14. Tried to stay in the pace. You know, three bogeys on Sunday afternoon are too many. But a 3-putt on 6, you know, it killed me a little bit. But I'm very proud the way I played. It's not easy to play with a guy that hits it 60 metres over you all the time. But it was very fun, very fun. I had a lot of fun.

Q. You had a real fire in your belly at times in that round, didn't you.
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, I tried my best as I said. I knew that I had to go low. Plus one after six, I had to go very low the last 12 holes and I'm very proud the way I did.

Q. Highlights really started on the 8th, and the chip-in on the back nine.
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, it was key to make a lovely birdie on 8, 9 and 10. And then I don't know how that putt missed on 11, but that putt on 12 on the par 3, that was key to keep pushing. Great up-and-down on 13, and as you said, that chip-in on 14, that was something amazing.

Q. This must give you a huge amount of confidence going into the next two weeks in Qatar and Dubai.
PABLO LARRAZ√ɬĀBAL: Yeah, absolutely. The only thing I have to do is to keep working, to keep working hard, to keep working the same way we've been working during the winter and this week, and try to make sure I do my best next week.

We've been working very hard as I said, and we're going to keep working the same way to keep pushing in tournaments like this.

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