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January 21, 2017

Bud Cauley

La Quinta, California

Q. Can you assess your round for us today.
BUD CAULEY: I played well. I hit a lot of good iron shots, drove it well for the most part, and was able to roll a few putts in. So, I'm pretty happy with the day. I was able to hit some good shots, I really gave myself looks all day, so it was pretty stress-free round.

Q. I walked with you guys your last nine holes and I enjoyed watching it, absolutely. You hit a lot of great approaches in there today. Was there any kind of -- do you feel like there's any symbiosis when the guy you're playing with is playing well? Because you guys were up there the whole day today and you're both starting to chase the top of the leaderboard. Do you feel that when both guys are playing well?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, it definitely helps to have someone else in your group that's playing well. He was obviously beating me by a few coming into today, but I knew I was playing well. And so we made some birdies to start and, yeah, you just get some good mojo in the group and try to get it rolling.

Q. This is no slight, as a fellow short guy, you guys are both of a pretty similar height. We're all probably about 5'-7". To you, I know this is a weird question, but is there anything to that when you're playing with a guy that's pretty similar build?
BUD CAULEY: Not really. We play whatever it is, 20 some odd weeks a year, so you get them all. But I've known Brian for a long time, so it's nice to play with someone that I'm friends with.

Q. Tomorrow you guys will both go back to the Stadium Course where yesterday you both kind of seemed like you fed off each other again where you both had some really, really fine showings there yesterday. Was there something going back there, especially near the top of the leaderboard, that, I don't know, you thought about, this is something I can do better when I go back there for the final round? Anything that you took away from that yesterday that you know that you want to get back there tomorrow?
BUD CAULEY: You know you have to go out there and make a bunch of birdies. If you can get the ball in the fairway, the greens are pretty receptive, so, but not really. You birdie the par-5s, if you drive the ball well on the par-4s you try to throw in a few extra on the par-4s. And some of the par-3s are tough, but if you hit good iron shots you can give your self some looks, too. So, just take care of the par-5s and then grab a couple when they come.

Q. Where's your confidence heading back to the Stadium Course? You had a positive round.
BUD CAULEY: I played really well. Probably my best ball striking round of the three. So yeah, looking forward to getting back and hopefully striking the ball well and rolling some putts in.

Q. What's your routine between now and then knowing that you're right in the thick of things here?
BUD CAULEY: Grab some lunch, watch some basketball, take a nap, and then, yeah, get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Q. Is it a nerve wracking night or just easygoing just chill in the hotel?
BUD CAULEY: No, I'm actually renting a house with Harold Varner and Patton Kizzire, so we have been sitting around every night watching basketball and just hanging out, so I'm sure we'll do the same thing.

Q. Those guys keep you loose?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, it's a great house to be in. So we have had a lot of fun and we'll do the same thing and come out tomorrow.

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