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January 21, 2017

Chad Campbell

La Quinta, California

Q. Three birdies on either side. Solid round. Kind of assess what went right for you out there today.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, just played pretty solid. Took advantage of three of the four par-5s and made a few more here and there. So, made a few good putts there coming in, so it was a nice way to end up.

Q. Two shots off the lead entering the Stadium Course. Just kind of your thoughts on tomorrow and your approach?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, same thing, got to keep making birdies. You know it's obviously probably the toughest of the three courses, but still if you get the ball in the fairway, you can, you still can attack and make some birdies out there.

Q. Coming off your round there the other day, how do you feel about attacking that course, confidence level on that course?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, I feel good. I feel good. I like the course and I think it sets up well for me.

Q. It's been awhile sense you hoisted a trophy here, but is there some sort of inner confidence or feeling that you know that you can kind of always be in contention here?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, I've had some good weeks. Obviously, one year was a great week, but it's obviously nice, even though the courses are a little bit different, we played this one back in the day, but knowing that you have won here before, so that always helps a little.

Q. With a packed leaderboard, so many people within a couple shots of the lead, what's kind of the approach tomorrow? Is it an all out aggression to make birdies on a course like that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, I don't think so. You take them where you get them out there. You still got to be patient out there. That course can jump up and get you on pretty much any hole. So, if you get the ball in the fairway and get an opportunity, you can be aggressive.

Q. Segue from his last question, packed leaderboard, just two shots off, and the guys above you, you could call them guys or call them kids, they're basically a lot of younger guys. You got four PGA TOUR wins, a lot of veteran savvy experience. Going into a final day, do you look at the guys ahead of you when you're near the top like that and kind of assess, all right, this is who I'm up against?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Not really. I try to go out there and take care of what I'm doing. That's the only thing I can control. So, if I feel like I go out there and play well, we'll just kind of see what happens.

Q. Going back to his past champion question, the courses are now different, save for the La Quinta Country Club, and over five decades or whatever, that's got to still make you feel pretty cozy at least coming back to the Coachella Valley. What is it about this area that sees you play so well?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I just enjoy coming here. It's nice early in the year and most of the time you get really good, perfect weather. We got some interesting stuff this week. But, no, the times that we have played, it's been fine. They have done a good job of moving us up yesterday and moved us up again tomorrow. So, hopefully, we can avoid a little bit of the weather tomorrow, but I just love coming here, the courses are in such perfect shape and it's just a great week.

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