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January 21, 2017

Dean Burmester

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your thoughts on 66?
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, pretty solid stuff. Actually woke up this morning not feeling too great. But yeah, as the round went on, sort of felt better and better and got a couple lucky breaks early on when I wasn't feeling too great. Yeah, the putter is rolling well this week, so I'm pretty happy.

Q. Do you feel it's a continuation of last week's form?
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, a little bit I think. I think I've been playing well just before Leopard Creek leading up to the off-season and everything, and last week was kind of recognition of hard work paying off.

Yeah, this is kind of a bonus week for me. Didn't get a Visa until Tuesday morning, and got in here at 3.00am Tuesday night. It's just nice to be here and to play well is just a bonus.

Q. Was that an issue, the Visa?
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, Visas are a bit of an issue. Unfortunately our passport's not exactly the greatest one to be travelling on in the world, but I managed to get it sorted. I have a great team behind me and they managed to get the job done.

Q. Where do you feel your round kick started today?
DEAN BURMESTER: I think on the 8th. I hit a great shot into 7 and missed the putt. Then a solid birdie on 8. Hit the green in two and 2-putted and nice birdie on 9 and another birdie on 10 and another one on 11. Those four in a row kind of just came out of nowhere, and that kind of just kept me in the game.

Before I knew it, I saw my name on that leaderboard and I was kind of just grinding out the last few holes and nice way to finish.

Q. Give us a sense of the conditions out there and where you feel 11 will be at the end of the day.
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, I'm thinking 11 will probably be around, anything fifth to seventh, I would say. It's really windy. It's gusting and swirling a little bit and the course is definitely firming up with the wind.

So I don't think it's going to be too easy for the boys this afternoon. But yeah, obviously Dustin had a 64, as well, so a low one is definitely out there. We'll just have to wait and see.

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