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January 15, 2017

Jordan Spieth

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. If it weren't for one guy, this would be a heck of a tournament. What do you tell yourself while he's running away from the field?
JORDAN SPIETH: I was telling Michael out there, honestly it felt like we were playing a different tournament. I honestly felt like I was trying to win the tournament for second place.

JT just pretty unbelievable what he's doing right now. He's got full control of his game, full confidence, and he's executing under pressure. It's a lot of fun to see. Certainly stuff that myself and a lot of our peers have seen going back, I mean, almost ten years now. Certainly showing the world what he's capable of.

Honestly, it was a nice battle for second. I had nerves because you may as well approach it like you're trying to beat the rest of the field, kind of take that into the next week when it's not for second, maybe it's for first.

Q. Are we seeing a really good player who is hot right now or are we seeing the birth of a potentially really great player in just in?
JORDAN SPIETH: I mean, I don't think the birth is a right word. He's already been there. He's gone through the process. He's succeeded to the highest level at each level and just moved up the totem pole. When you get out to the big tour, sometimes it takes a little bit of time to win or win in bunches.

To answer your question, I wouldn't say a good player that's hot and I wouldn't say it's birth of a guy either. I would say it's just a tremendous player who's already been at that level, just takes winning a couple of times, I think. Then they start to fall.

I can speak from a bit of experience there, winning once and then not winning again for another year and a half. But once that happened, you know, they kind of came in bunches. Just how it works sometimes.

JT has got it rolling now and he's going to be a tough guy to stop this year.

Q. 7-under today, 19 under and you said all week long, if you can find something with my putter, good things are going to come. Boy did you find it today. What happened?
JORDAN SPIETH: I moved ball a little back in my stance. Turned my right toe a little open. I think the right toe open was to get my brain off of my stroke. Moved the ball a little back in my stance, and felt like I was hitting it early or late or kind of low on the face. I wasn't hitting it at the right time. I just wanted to try it.

On No. 1, the first one goes in from a good range where I felt like I hit my line. Sometimes that's all you need is one to go and you feel like you've tried something new and then all of a sudden, whether it was the right thing to do or not, it was the right thing to do for today.

Made a lot of putts today. I got to I think even strokes game putting for the week when I was losing a stroke and a half per round. So that's something like four and a half strokes gained just on today's round. Still not the best putting week overall, but a tremendous day today and I got plenty of time to work on it before we play next.

Q. You said if I play well I can back door another two or three. You have done it again.
JORDAN SPIETH: Good Sunday paydays, I guess the last couple of weeks coming from behind. I thought that if I got to 19, I would be clearly second. But it looks like Rosey might birdie the last to knock that out. Just some tremendous golf played by a lot of players this week. It even says more about what Justin is doing. Guys were getting 20 under on these tricky greens, 18 or 19 under on these tricky greens and JT is blowing it out of the water. That's nice.

Q. You have got a monster playing behind you now. JT is tearing it up.
JORDAN SPIETH: He is. It's cool to see. It's a guy that I certainly expected to see this maybe isn't fair to him because it's not like it's easy. But it's a guy who has been the highest, he's been the best at each level. He's just worked his way up the ladder. First year on the Web Tour he wins, gets on PGA Tour ends up winning quickly and now he's winning in bunches. It's really cool to see. He's very humble but confident on the golf course. A great friend. I'm happy for him.

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