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January 15, 2017

Justin Thomas

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. Started with a seven-shot lead today. Sometimes a large late lead can be a burden. Did it at all feel heavy out there for you today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was tough. I was definitely nervous this morning. It's just a lot of things that go through your mind with a seven-shot lead. I mean, even with a one or two-shot lead. There's just so many things that were running through my head. I just tried to block them out just to get off to a decent start. One through three were pars, but I felt like they were solid pars just to ease things off. I tried to stay patient and tried to have some fun out there.

Q. Your third win this season. What have you elevated in your game over the last few months?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Definitely driving it better. I feel comfortable once I get in contention. I think that's been the problem the last two years. I just wasn't getting there enough. The events I was in contention, I played well and I had a chance to win. It's just about getting there. I have been able to get there a lot more recently. Obviously I have been playing better. Just once I get there I feel comfortable and feel like I can win.

Q. We're not too far away from the first major championship. Considering you said how comfortable you feel, how much more are you looking forward to these majors in 2017?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm so excited for The Masters. I said that as soon as I finished last year, as soon as I finished the majors last year. I feel like it's a course that's really good for my game. It was so tough last year and I wasn't playing well to where I didn't have much. It's just such a fun place to play and a cool atmosphere. I'm so ready to get back there.

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