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January 14, 2017

Ray Allen

Orlando, Florida

Q.   29 points total today. Is that what it was?

Q. Did you par 18, or did you bogey?
RAY ALLEN: No, I bogeyed.

Q. Best round ever, do you think?
RAY ALLEN: In a tournament, yes. I've played in Tahoe several years. I've unfortunately not been able to play some of my best golf coming out of most seasons. So being able to have the opportunity to play kind of full year through the season and then come back is awesome.

Q. Would you say today you were just playing out of your mind? Was it that kind of day? What did you shoot score‑wise?
RAY ALLEN: I shot 67.

Q. Is that a PB?
RAY ALLEN: I think it was really just I made putts. It could have been‑‑
JEREMY ROENICK: Hey, great playing.
RAY ALLEN: Thanks, J.R.
JEREMY ROENICK: Awesome, man. Out making putts.
RAY ALLEN: That was it. It was all putting. I did the same thing the other day. I was hitting greens but just didn't make anything.

Q. How many greens do you think you hit today?
RAY ALLEN: I think I hit pretty much all of them and had a birdie putt, except for 18.

Q. The putts you made, how many long putts or short putts?
RAY ALLEN: I would say 10 to 12 feet, I was pretty confident standing over those putts. It was‑‑ I just found the line, my caddie and I. We had a good little bantering. We found the line, and we got the ball rolling.

Q. The way it looks, you'll be leading the celebrity field into the final round tomorrow. This will be the first time you've had that in a celebrity tournament. Any added pressure? Are you feeling any heat?
RAY ALLEN: No. I mean, I've only known how to just go out and compete, and whatever happens happens. I always think about the best case scenarios. So I don't worry about what may or may not happen. Just go out there and do your best.

Q. Have you had any hot tips this week from some of the professional players out here?
RAY ALLEN: Nothing other than just being out here with those guys, watching them play, watching their tempo. They come through the ball very strong and very aggressive. You just watch that, and it just helps you do what you need to do when you stand over your ball.

Q. If you win this, does this officially‑‑ does this mean your basketball career is officially over and you're going to start playing golf or what?
RAY ALLEN: Well, I've been playing golf for a while. I think most of the guys that know me, most of them will say it's about time.

Q. Do you think you're going to get a message from M.J. on this one?
RAY ALLEN: M.J.'s off somewhere playing golf on his own. It's hard to turn the TV on when you're in good weather.

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