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January 13, 2017

Bryce Molder

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. You had a good chance at 59, but you must be really pleased?
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I got off to more than a shaky start yesterday. So to be sitting there thinking about 50-something today was surprising. But that's how different a day can be around here. It was a good day. I just got off to, I hit a really good tee shot on the first hole and made a 25-footer and off you go.

Q. You mentioned yesterday, you were 5-over through six, to be 7-under for the tournament. It's obviously a massive fight back.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, and it just kind of shows you, just keep hitting shots. It's easy to dwell on what's going on, which certainly I was unhappy about it. I wasn't exactly confident at the time. But I mean, I've turned around worse play -- not much. Not much of a bigger turnaround than that.

But that's how quickly it can happen out here is all of a sudden you start hitting a couple more good shots, and you make awe couple more putts and all of a sudden it makes a huge difference.

Q. I guess the saying, what a difference a day makes, sits nicely with you today. What a spectacular round, 9-under par, your thoughts on how it went out there today.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yesterday was more than rocky to start. To get some back yesterday felt good. I actually finished off the round poorly yesterday. Bogey, par, with 9 being an easy hole. I actually lost a little momentum, but I went out on the first hole and hit a good tee shot, hit a good iron shot and made a 20-footer, and off you go.

When you get some momentum on your side -- I made a couple putts at the right time. I made a really good par putt on 8, which you would think with the birdies that's the least of everything. But to make a 10-footer for par to keep momentum is something I haven't really done this season, obviously early in the year. But in the fall, during the season, I didn't really do that very well and I made it.

Q. Almost 180 feet worth of putts when it all came down to it today.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, one of them actually was 60 or 70 feet and it got airborne when it hit the back of the hole. It was that kind of day. Yesterday was just the opposite. I laugh, because on that same hole, No. 6, I think it is, I hit it to five feet and missed the whole completely. Today I hit it to 70 feet and I hit the back of the hole and it goes in. That's the game for you.

Q. You got it to 8. You had three to play. Were you thinking 59?
BRYCE MOLDER: You know what's funny is I didn't think about it until I made that birdie, and then I was like, oh, that's only three of the last four, and I had a good look on 15. I actually hit a really good putt. It was just a really grainy putt and I didn't keep speed on it.

But even at that point, I wasn't even guaranteed of making the cut. So I was still just thinking, let's just, you know, get some good looks at it, keep going. But I thought about it a little bit. But you know, if I had made one more birdie, I probably would have thought a little bit more about it.

Q. Looking back at your record, you haven't played here for a long time. 2010 was your last time here and you never made the cut before here, so bold steps today.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. It's funny, there are certain golf courses that sometimes either don't fit your eye or they just don't fit your game. The few times I played here, I laughed -- even today there was a couple times where I felt like I hit good tee shots and I was rough and I was like, man, my good shots are in the rough here, my bad shots are just a few yards further in the rough. It's a hard golf course like that.

But this is the first time that I actually made some putts. Saw a couple putts go in. I think they are hard to read. Harder to read than a lot of the greens that I'm used to playing, so I think that was a little bit of it. But I'm glad to be here and glad to finally play on a weekend.

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