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January 13, 2017

Mark Mulder

Orlando, Florida

Q. So you're in the lead.

Q. How does it feel?
MARK MULDER: It's a good thing. You know, it's not something I've done in the past. I usually start out a little slow, but today I‑‑ the double bogey on 3 was a little tough just because I started off with a birdie on 1. But pulled it together, made eagle, and then kind of played my round as we went from there on.
Had a couple drops that I had to take, but I made the most of those, made my bogeys, and for the most part, just stayed away from those double bogeys with the exception of the one.

Q. So what was it like playing with Lexi?
MARK MULDER: I mean, she didn't even play that well, and she still played really good. There were really no mistakes. She didn't really make any putts, but if she made some putts, she would have been at 35‑some points, you know.
It was really cool. She hit the ball great. As far as she hit it is amazing to see. I have a 7‑year‑old daughter who's getting into golf. To be able to play with her was really cool.

Q. So you were here for Media Day. You've played this course a couple of times. Do you think that gives you an advantage?
MARK MULDER: Not really because we played at the‑‑ they routed it a little different for the tournament. Sure, it's great to see it, but we had three practice rounds. Essentially, most guys got here Sunday or Monday and had a chance to play the course. So they kind of saw what it was. Even if I wouldn't have had that, I think I would have been fine.

Q. Was the rain a factor at all?
MARK MULDER: A little bit. I wish I would have waited a little. We were on 14, the drivable hole, and I just stepped up and swung in the rain, thinking it was going to rain for a while. If I just would have waited maybe 45 seconds or so, it would have slowed down. I pulled it left, and I was fortunate to make par. With such a scoring hole like that, I was lucky.

Q. Woody Austin shot a 59. Did you have any idea?
MARK MULDER: No, I can't watch what they're doing. It would be one thing if we were competing against them, but we're not. So I have to ignore what they're doing and just leave it alone.

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