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January 13, 2017

John Hart

Orlando, Florida

Q. Just wondering if we could grab a couple comments about your round today.
You're leading the celebs. I don't know if you know that.
JOHN HART: No, I don't. I mean, it's early yet. There's a lot of good players out there. I got off to a slow start. I get up on the 1st tee, and people are applauding, and I'm thinking this isn't baseball. I'm doing something else.
I started out with a couple of bad bogeys and just stayed together, made some good putts. I putted well all day, hit a lot of greens, and made some birdies when I needed to. I mean, I wasn't really paying attention. I was just trying to, if you will, kind of just hold on to my swing right there on a few holes.
Hey, listen, it was a blast out there. It was a blast.

Q. Is it fun to play this format with these guys?
JOHN HART: It really is. I live in Isleworth. There's a lot of pros that play there. So I get a chance to play‑‑ I played a lot with John Cook, which was a great pairing for me, and Brittany was just tremendous, just a delight. So that made it a little easier, kind of going out into foreign territory and not knowing‑‑ it was even down to putting the scorecard together. I said, let's make sure now that we got this right.
Yeah, it was great. And I do, I mean, this is a great event. This is my fourth year playing this event, and obviously, it's just gotten, better every year. Diamond does a tremendous job, and obviously, the Children's Hospital, we had a great party the other night. We raised a lot of money with the events. And it's all about golf. Everybody out here comes to play. They come to play golf.

Q. Do you think playing with these pros kind of makes the celebs step it up a bit?
JOHN HART: You have to, or you're going to get run over. Listen, most of these guys are all‑‑ you know, there's a lot of country music guys in Colt, and I've played a lot of golf with Colt. He's a good player.
For most of the celebrities here, they're all former star players. You come into a totally different venue. The last thing anybody wants to do is go out and get embarrassed. So guys work at it and kind of pay attention to their game, but then you get out, and it's one thing in a practice round, it's one thing getting out when you have competition and you ring the bell.
So, yeah, listen, nobody wants to come out and get embarrassed, I can promise you that.

Q. I don't know if you know, but Woody Austin shot a 59 here today.
JOHN HART: I love it. I kind of peeked at his scores, and I thought, holy cow, this guy is crushing it. That doesn't surprise me. I'm curious who he played with.
Listen, John Cook very easily could have had 64, 63. The putts fall or they don't fall. I mean, Woody must have just crushed it to shoot a 59.

Q. Was the rain a factor at all today?
JOHN HART: We had a couple‑‑ being not overly smart when it comes to the golf, I didn't have a rain jacket out there. I've got about 50 in my closet, and I didn't bring one out.

Q. Of course.
JOHN HART: So we had no umbrella. My caddie forgot the umbrella. We were kind of wandering around out there. But as far as the game, it really didn't affect me. We had a couple of showers, and you just play through it.

Q. So what's for the weekend?
JOHN HART: Just put the peg in the ground tomorrow morning and play it like I'm playing with my buddies on a Saturday morning. That's what I'm going to do.

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