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January 12, 2017

John Daly

Orlando, Florida

Q. So a fun event to start off 2017. What's your mindset coming into these celebrity events, getting to play with some of the greatest athletes, greatest celebrities in the world?
JOHN DALY: Well, I've been fortunate, a lot of them are my friends. To be able to play with Colt Ford and Jake Owen tomorrow is awesome because I know all of them are good buddies, and we're going to have a nice time. That's kind of what it's all about.
I played with Marcus Allen yesterday. I know most of the celebrities. I've been friends with them for years. It's great to be able‑‑ we don't get to see each other that much, and they don't get to have the down time to have fun like this because they're always on the road singing or playing football or baseball or whatever.
So it's great for ‑‑ more so for me because I get to see all my buddies.

Q. Tomorrow when you're playing with Colt and everyone, does it feel like you're playing a tournament, or is it more like‑‑
JOHN DALY: It will be more like we just go around and play a game of golf and have a good time. I know they're grinding, we're grinding, but we're going to have fun as well.

Q. You had half a year on the Champions Tour last year. What did you learn in your time last year that you're going to try to improve upon this upcoming season?
JOHN DALY: For me, it's better to start the first tournament. Luckily, I got an exemption into Hawaii. I'm so thrilled about the Mitsubishi because it's a limited field with a good purse, and if you play good, you get off to that start you need.
I came in May, and Bernhard had already won a million dollars, a million something dollars, and it's tough to fight and get that back. It's not like the PGA TOUR, where you get that year and you go through that year to see how you do. But the Senior Tour, whenever you start, it's just whatever's left.
So it was a grind. I played in probably a lot more tournaments than I should have because I was mentally just, physically just drained. I played like 12 weeks in a row, and for my body and my age, that's hard to do.
But just to get off to a start and see how it goes. Get off to a really good start and get a flow going.

Q. Do you feel refreshed after having some time off?
JOHN DALY: Have you seen my gut? Can you tell I haven't done much? I haven't touched a golf club in like seven days, not until yesterday. So, no, I needed a break. It was good to have the break.

Q. How's the shoulder doing?
JOHN DALY: I'm just leaving it out. I've had it popped back in probably six times this year or last year. It just seems like, every time I get it popped back, I'll hit a shot, and it will pop out and go 90, 100 yards right or left, and I feel like it's just settling out. I just play my cut.

Q. Have fun this week.
JOHN DALY: You got it.

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