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January 11, 2017

Barbora Strycova

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

B. STRYCOVA/C. Wozniacki

7-5, 6-7, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us about the weather conditions out there.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I mean, it was tough, I have to say. The first set I thought, I'm not going to do it all the way. Actually, the body felt okay after, and the body adjust to it.

It was, for both sides, the same. So I was just saying myself, Keep cool, keep cool, and drink a lot and take ice all the time. Same thing.

But it was very, very rough.

Q. How did you keep your concentration, after losing the second set, to keep pushing?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Well, for me it was good to have the 10 minutes' heat rule in. Then I was sitting in the locker room actually not thinking about the set, not thinking about the future. I was just, like, feeling a little bit dizzy, so I had focused what to do and how to recover fast.

Well, at the beginning of the third set, I was down and not moving very well. But then I was saying to myself, Keep going. Don't say anything. Don't be negative. Just play point by point.

That actually helped me. And I was playing very well when it was 3-All, the game, even I lost it. And then I was confident to the way I finish it.

Q. I think you guys maybe have played six or seven times now and the head-to-head is quite even. She's a former No. 1. What is it about your game that matches up quite well against her?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Matchups, we have a similar game. We are running all the time around the court and waiting for the mistakes of the other one.

We always have tough matches. Today I was the lucky one, but it's tough to play Caroline, because she doesn't give you anything for free. You have to work every point. It gets so physically -- I'm getting older and older, so it's tougher and tougher. (Smiling.)

I'm happy that I won it this way in these conditions, because it gives me also confidence that I'm ready. I work well, and I can play these matches.

Q. How was it backing up for doubles? Did you just not want to play?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: No. Actually, I didn't felt so bad after the match. I was just a little bit -- my head was a little bit exploding, but my body otherwise was feeling okay.

I think it was a good -- normally, I would go run for 15 minutes, just to sweat it out. This was good recovery for my body. I was actually happy to play the doubles.

Q. That's good.

Q. Have you seen Petra since her incident?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I didn't see her, but I am chatting with her now and then. Yeah.

Q. How scary is that for players to go around the world and think about all that...
BARBORA STRYCOVA: It's not just for the players. I think it's for everyone.

Yeah, you have to watch out, because in this world, you never know what's gonna happen. Unfortunately, this happens to a person. She was very unlucky in that day. But she's strong and she will be back.

Q. I've been told that that happens quite often in the Czech Republic, they check electricity, so it wouldn't be surprising that she would let somebody in. Is that true?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Yeah, it's true. It was at 8:30, and it was not electricity guy. It was the guy saying, The gas is going out.

I would let him in, also. Yeah. I mean, what can you do? We are not home often, so we don't know so much about these things.

So you let these people in, and this happens. It's just terrible.

Q. You're in the semifinals here. You have the winner of this match here with Radwanska and Duan. First of all, how exciting is it to do your best result in Sydney here?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Very exciting. I like this tournament, and I'm very happy to be in the semis. And to play as many matches I can before Melbourne, it's good for me.

Either way, if I play Agnieszka or Duan -- I never beat Agnieszka, so if I play her, it's going to be, again, a lot of running (smiling).

Q. Do you hear people talk about your match with Aga with those amazing points?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Yeah, a lot. Like, everyone was asking me how I could play that point. It was actually amazing, I have to say (smiling).

Q. Have you watched it?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I watched it many times, yeah, yeah. It gives me a good mood.

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