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January 11, 2017

Jordan Thompson

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How was it out there?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Pretty warm. It was tough. He played well. I thought I served pretty well most of the match, but just in key moments he made some pretty good returns.

Yeah, managed to break me at 5-All in the first set. He sort of ran away with it with a little bit of momentum.

Q. Overall, are you happy with the way you played?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I don't think it was too bad. It was just really tricky conditions. It was a little bit swirly at times, 39 degrees, and the balls were flying.

Yeah, I think it was pretty solid for the conditions.

Q. Couple days off now. Going to get some rest? Big tournament for you in Brisbane?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I've still got doubles. Yeah, see how we go there.

Q. So what have you been able to do to kind of recover before you go out and play doubles again?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Just grab a bite to eat, stretch, and I'll do a warmup before we go out.

Q. Singles-wise, obviously you've got next week to look forward to. What has this done for you these last couple of weeks in terms of what you'll take from it into next week?
JORDAN THOMPSON: It's prepared me for the Aussie Open. Just, yeah, the key to the start of the year before a Grand Slam is get some matches on. I have done well.

Q. Has the heat been beneficial in that regard, getting ready for Melbourne?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah. Playing in these conditions, it's good preparation, I think. Yeah, definitely can't hurt.

Q. What are you most happy with about your game at the moment?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I guess my movement, my fitness, and, well, today in particular, I served pretty well.

Yeah, I'm not unhappy with anything, but I guess those things I'm most happy with.

Q. (Question about possible niggles.)
JORDAN THOMPSON: No, I'll be fine.

Q. Do you feel like you'll take some more confidence, as well, next week?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I have won plenty of matches already. Won doubles matches, as well. I'll be pretty confident.

Q. Is it just winning the matches, or is it who you've managed to beat and compete with in the last couple of weeks?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Oh, yeah, sure, but I think the main thing is just getting matches. I think matches builds confidence.

So, yeah. Matches is key.

Q. Obviously because this is the home slam for you guys, your profile is much higher. How have you found all that?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Fine. (Smiling.) Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing has been unusual. Yeah, I mean, I haven't really thought about it that much.

Q. Are you any wiser whether you'll be playing doubles with Thanasi in Melbourne?
JORDAN THOMPSON: No, I haven't thought about that, either. It would be good if he plays.

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