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January 11, 2017

Hideki Matsuyama

Honolulu, Hawaii

ALEX URBAN: We'd like to welcome Hideki Matsuyama into the interview room here at the Sony Open in Hawai'i.

You lead the FedExCup right now. You're coming off of a runner-up finish last week and a string of great finishes. Talk about your play heading into this week.

HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Very looking forward to this week. I've had some good results in the past, but not hitting the ball as good as I would like to.

Q. Not hitting the ball as good as -- you were second last week, that was a good week, right? Did something go wrong the next three days?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Hitting fairways and greens last week was easy enough. But I'm not hitting it just as well as I would like, ball-strike-wise.

Q. Is there a secret to your success of late? What is it specifically that has got you over the line?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I wish I knew. But last week, I didn't make the putts on the last day, on Sunday. But like on the third day, on Saturday, I was able to make some key par putts, and I think probably if there's a secret or a key, it's been my putting.

Q. Have you felt a tangible difference in your mentality, in your ability to, I guess, be more clutch over the last six months?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Confidence is a huge part of golf, and to be able to play well, you have to have confidence, and I've had that the last couple months. Hopefully I can continue. That will be the key going forward.

Q. What would you consider a successful year for yourself this year? What are your two or three main goals?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: A successful year would be winning multiple times, and of course winning a major.

Q. What do you like -- what's the biggest difference, or can you talk about your favorite difference between this week and last week, and what do you like best about the Sony Open in Hawaii?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: The differences between this week and last week: The fairways are so wide there at the Plantation Course, but here at Waialae, it's narrow. The key this week will be to keep the ball in the fairway off the tee.

And what I like about the Sony Open is the food that we find here in Honolulu.

Q. Can you remind me of your degree in college, and secondly, what would be your dream job if you couldn't play golf for a living?
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: I don't remember my college degree (laughter) -- social welfare was the degree. And something to do with golf. (Laughter).

ALEX URBAN: Thank you.

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