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January 10, 2017

Jordan Thompson

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

J. THOMPSON/N. Basilashvili

7-5, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were expecting to play Thanasi. Did that change the way you prepared the match at all?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely. It's weird when you're drawn to play someone, and that was about three or four days ago, and I was getting ready to play him and he pulls out last minute. I have to play a completely different player.

It's tough, but I think I adapted well and played pretty good.

Q. When did you actually know that you weren't going to be playing Thanasi? And did that change your mindset straightaway and you had to work hard on the mind aspect?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I found out -- I can't really remember. It was either start of the third match, I think, the start of the Gavrilova match. Yeah, I mean, I had to change my thoughts completely on what I was going to do.

But, yeah, I mean, it's tough but it's adaptable.

Q. How did you find out? Did Jordan come and say something to you, or was it --

Q. Did Thanasi come and say something to you? Or the ATP supervisor?
JORDAN THOMPSON: The ATP supervisor came and found me and said, You have a different opponent.

Yeah, that is it.

Q. What's it like playing in Sydney? Obviously you're from here, grew up on these courts, playing out on Ken Rosewall Arena.
JORDAN THOMPSON: It's awesome. I used to watch this when I was a kid. I lived about 20 minutes away. I was always watching the tournament over the summer. Always dreamed of playing it.

To play on Ken Rosewall arena and win in front of my home crowd and family and friends is awesome.

Q. It's obviously a pretty open draw besides Dominic Thiem. He's top 10. Everyone else is clustered around 25 to 50 in the world. Does that give you confidence? It's an open draw, really, and anyone can take?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I don't know if it's an open draw. I mean, these guys have been in the top 30 for a long time, and they're great players and they have been even higher.

Everyone can play. I mean, it's not like Djokovic is in the draw. Like you said, it's more 20 to 50. But, yeah, you've got to play great tennis to beat these guys. It's tough.

Q. How was it making the transition from doubles in Brisbane, where you won the title, back to singles?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I don't think it was too much of a transition. I mean, I played three singles matches there, made the quarters. And it was also good to play doubles matches, as well, because any match at the start of the year is awesome. You just want to get matches under your belt, and I've definitely done that.

Q. Did you know much about Basilashvili before going out?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really. I know he can crack the ball. I know he's a good player. He beat Berdych at the end of last year. I was definitely wary of him.

Q. Did you have much of a chat with Thanasi, him pulling out today?
JORDAN THOMPSON: When he pulled out, I gave him a call. He didn't answer. I knew he was up in the player lounge. He was actually up with his family.

I came up and said, Are you going to be all right for doubles?

That was pretty much it. We had a chat about it.

Q. Is he going to be all right, you think?

Q. He mentioned it happened in the final at Brisbane. Did you sense it was something as serious as it is?
JORDAN THOMPSON: No, not really. I think it's more cautionary. He doesn't want to come back too early. He's got the biggest tournament next week.

Q. How was your preparation coming in?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I just worked on getting bigger and stronger and obviously fitter. I think I have improved in a lot of areas, especially speed. I think I'm pretty quick around the court. And my fitness, as well.

Q. Did you buy anything special with the Brisbane check? And, secondly, where did you put the trophy?
JORDAN THOMPSON: As soon as I got out of the courtesy car back home, my dad came out and helped me with the bags. He took the trophy and stuck it straight on the mantelpiece.

That's where it is. I didn't buy anything special. Not yet.

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