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January 10, 2017

Fabian Gomez

Honolulu, Hawaii

JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome defending champion here at the Sony Open in Hawaii, Fabian Gomez.

First of all, if we can get you to look back on last year's tournament, an outstanding final round 62 to win. Just get your reflections on that win.

FABIAN GOMEZ: You know, the memory that I have, I know that I have to play well during the last round, because I have a difference between me and the leader. I have a great memory about the seven birdies in a row that I made, and obviously the last putt that I made on 18 to make the playoff.

It is really nice to be here again with my family. I knew to make a birdie because Snedeker was playing well, also. And it was a really nice round, yeah.

JOHN BUSH: You're coming off of a 20th-place finish last week at Kapalua. Just talk a little about the state of your game as you come into this week.

FABIAN GOMEZ: Yes, last week was the first tournament of the year and I played well. I hit well my irons but I didn't make the number of putts that you need to make in that tournament. But in a way, I think that this week, with this kind of wind, I feel more confident because they are faster than the greens we played in Kapalua last week.

Q. You mentioned seven birdies, and it's kind of like you were in the zone, if you well. Have you been in a zone like that before last year, and have you been in it since? And how do you get there?
FABIAN GOMEZ: Yeah, when you are making that kind of number of birdies in a row, you start to feel confident with all parts of your game. It's not only the irons and it's not only the driver. Every hole is like a mental game. It's like you forget about everybody and you play only your game, you focus on your game.

I've been in that situation before, but seven birdies in a row for the last round to win a tournament, is something that you are probably going to remember for the rest of your life.

Q. What sort of goals have you set for this season, and obviously the TOUR win, have you got long-term goals, and is Presidents Cup one of those?
FABIAN GOMEZ: My main goal is to win events. The Masters, I just missed that tournament (indiscernible) -- something really easy, and if I make that before the Masters, I know that I can get in to play the Masters and that is going to be also my goal, to play a second Masters in a row, top 30 on the FedEx. I was close last year and I want to make it. Obviously to play The Presidents Cup would be an honor. Yeah, I'm working on that kind of goal for this year.

Q. How much pressure do you feel to defend your title, especially given some of the players in the field, like Jordan, and last week's winner, Justin Thomas?
FABIAN GOMEZ: No, not really. Doesn't matter, the defending champion, it's no reason to have any extra pressure because Justin is playing or Jordan is playing. I've been in that situation many weeks, yeah. And normally have that kind of player with you, gives you an extra concentration. It's nice for me if I have the chance to be at the top of the leaderboard with that kind of player fighting for the title.

Q. How did you play before the win last year?
FABIAN GOMEZ: I haven't been in that situation after winning. It's like I start to be a little relaxed, and it's a part of my game, I'm working with my sports psychologist. Because a few tournaments after Memphis, a few tournaments after the Sony, I didn't play the level that I played when I win.

And I think I lose some concentration, because obviously that week that you win, you know, it's like your focus is so high that after that, you relax a little. But it's something that I'm working because it's something that I don't really like. It's like lose some weeks, getting back is something that I'm trying.

I made some decisions about my life. I moved to Miami to be close to my coach, with my family. It's going to be easy to travel from Miami to any tournament, and México, I want to play there like one -- win another tournament.

Q. Where do you play in Miami?
FABIAN GOMEZ: I play in Doral because my coach is one of Jim McLean's coaches in the Jim McLean Golf School in Doral. I just moved December 28.

JOHN BUSH: Thank you for your time and best of luck this week.

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