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January 9, 2017

Jordan Thompson

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously singles and doubles, must come here feeling terrific?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely confident. Made a quarterfinal in the singles, and me and Thanasi winning the doubles, it's a great start.

Q. Where do you feel your singles is at? As you have been out there, where do you feel like you're at?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Gradually betting better. I think my ranking suggests that, as well. I hope to do that again this year.

Q. Is it the best you have ever felt confidence-wise?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I guess so. Playing this level and winning matches and winning a doubles tournament at an ATP level, that's confidence boosting.

Q. What's it going to be like going up against Thanasi?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Well, it will be a bit strange, but, you know, that's tennis. Doesn't matter who you're playing, I'll give it my best.

Q. Pick up any tips while you were playing doubles as to some of his potential weaknesses?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really. I've played with him plenty before. He's a great player. Yeah, it's good to see him back out on court.

Q. You guys are good mates. Two Aussies playing. You obviously get on well. Does that make it kind of easier that you know the other player so well or harder?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Probably harder (smiling). Yeah, playing a mate, that's probably the hardest thing to do.

Yeah, as I said, that's tennis.

Q. You mentioned it's been gradual. Is there anything you feel like you do better, or is there anything you can pinpoint as to what you can do to speed up your singles game?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I guess getting bigger and stronger and trying to get fitter, obviously working on different things. You can work on forehands, backhands, but if you're not fit enough to do it, doesn't really matter. I think that's the huge thing, is getting the body right.

Q. Has that been a struggle for you, kind of the physical aspect?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really, but there is always room for improvement.

Q. Nice to see Thanasi come back, as a mate, especially after so long? He's back in the mix?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it's awesome to see him back. You don't wish that upon anybody to be out for that long. It's terrible.

Yeah, I think everyone is pretty happy to see him back. I know the crowd was last week.

Q. Have you guys traveled here together?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, same car on the way to the airport, same flight, just saw him again in the corridor. I can't get away from him (smiling).

Q. Much banter between you from when the draw came out?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really. We were just concentrating on the doubles. I mean, we had a little laugh. Before we played our semifinal doubles, about five minutes before, we knew the draw. And, yeah, we just sort of smiled, and, Oh... (Smiling.)

Q. What are your expectations this week?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Just, yeah, obviously I'm going to get two matches, no matter what, singles and doubles. That's the main thing before going into a Grand Slam is getting matches.

Q. It's hard to try to get where you are and up and up and up? It's a hard process, isn't it?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it's not easy. Yeah, it's arguably one of the toughest sports in the world. They say only a hundred guys make it, and there is a lot of people in the world.

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