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January 8, 2017

Jason Day

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. One of those days you couldn't get anything going on the back side?
JASON DAY: Yeah, like you probably saw out there, I made some soft errors on the back side and some up-and-downs I should have had. And unfortunately, having to 3-putt on the 13th hole didn't really get things going.

You know, I didn't putt the greatest this week, and I've got a good, solid couple weeks off now. So I can probably go back and try and work on a few things and hopefully get that process right. And if I can get it right, matching it with the hitting, I should be able to play some decent golf.

Q. Evaluate your game now. What do you take from these four rounds of competitive golf after the long layoff? You had to walk a tough golf course. Where do you think you are right now?
JASON DAY: To be honest I feel good about -- I feel good about how the back performed. Obviously taking three months off, having to rehab the back was obviously a long time to take off. To be able to walk around this golf course and play and hit off the awkward lies that we get, it didn't have an effect on me, which is great.

But surprised with how I putted but for the most part, I think it was just a good, solid week. Obviously the expectation is high coming into this week. I'm coming into this week expecting to win, even though I did have a three-month layoff.

Can't be too disappointed. I know there are a lot of positives that I need to take away from this week and I try and re-evaluate things after this week and work on the stuff that needs to be worked on and hopefully take it into Torrey.

Q. Is that the next time we see you, San Diego?
JASON DAY: Yeah, San Diego is the next one that I'm going to be. So I've got a couple weeks off, which is good. I think it's a good run-in. I'm going to play one extra event this year on the West Coast Swing, so probably Pebble and L.A. after that.

Q. Assessment of the week?
JASON DAY: It was good. It was up-and-down. Obviously there's a lot of soft mistakes out there with the short game. I think if I can tighten that up; I think more so, I've got to re-learn to control my emotions again, deep down inside, not get too frustrated with myself, even though obviously it was -- scoring conditions I thought out there today and I gave myself plenty of opportunities this week to be able to give it a good run. I just didn't capitalize on those.

You know, once again, just those soft errors that I had, and with those soft errors, gave me a little bit of frustration. I need to do a better job of controlling that.

Q. I understand you're going to spend the next couple weeks in the desert getting ready for Torrey. What are you going to work on?
JASON DAY: Yeah, two weeks is going to be very important. Obviously it was important to see how my back reacted over this week. It worked great. I didn't have any issues with that. Still staying on top of the body. Then obviously just really trust try and work at the short game. Just really crush the short game. I know the irons got to come in just a little bit tighter but for the most part just work on that short game. I think if I can get back to where I was last year, that I should be ready for Torrey.

Q. If you look at adding one, why Pebble?
JASON DAY: Pebble? I usually play Pebble all the time. It's usually -- usually L.A. is the one that I don't add. I'm kind of -- we're stuck with that new rule that we have to do, so obviously that's one of the events that I'm looking at playing. I haven't really officially said that it's going to happen, but that's one event that I'm looking at playing. We'll see how it goes.

You know, I've got Torrey and Pebble, and those two golf courses, the golf courses there I've played particularly well on, so I'm looking forward to those events.

Q. Looking forward to playing alongside Tiger at Torrey?
JASON DAY: I'd like to play with him. That would be great. Obviously haven't played with him for awhile. Obviously to see him back healthy -- and obviously I watched the Hero. It was interesting to see how he came out, and it was obviously positive, because he made a lot of birdies that week.

Kind of similar to what I did this week, where we gave ourselves the opportunities, made some good solid birdies, but just some soft stuff that we need to tighten up. So I think it should be good.

Q. Was there any uncertainty coming into this week, and if so, are you kind of pleased?
JASON DAY: No, not really, no uncertainty. I've had three months off. I should be ready for this. Even though the back issue has always been something in the back of your mind, especially coming to a golf course like this, and like I said before, you get the awkward lies and just don't know how it's going to perform, coming back from three months and you're not really golf ready. You're not walking 72 holes. You're walking and playing golf. I mean, I'm in Ohio and have picked up a club twice.

Obviously you're thinking about it a little bit but it's nice that it's really warm, because if it's cold, the back gets a little stiff and it can play havoc on my back if it's a little cold. So positive stuff.

Q. People focus on the physical, but mentally, I would think just being --
JASON DAY: Mentally was probably, out of everything, it was tougher. Just to go through actually the process of hitting a golf shot again, getting the numbers and reading a putt and actually going through the process of going and thinking of holing the putt. You know, I was out there thinking about technique and just stuff that I never really do.

So I think if I can get back to the way that I was thinking last year mentally, before the second half of the season, I should be in a good spot.

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