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January 7, 2017

Alize Cornet

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-0, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Must have been like standing in a storm, that first set?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Yeah, kind of (smiling). Yeah, I can see she has a little bit more experience on this stage of the tournament in this kind of a tournament, because she started the match really strongly, returning well, serving very, very well, making a lot of aces and being super-aggressive.

She was hitting all her strokes inside the baseline while I was just totally backed up, far away from the baseline.

Yeah, I was a little bit tense, but I think she didn't give me a chance, you know, to get back in the match. She was just too good for me tonight.

Q. The power of that serve, how good is that? Is it up there with Serena? It seems to be deeper than Serena's.
ALIZÉ CORNET: I didn't expect that, actually, to be honest. She's serving really, really well. I mean, I played Serena a few times, and I could always be able to return a first serve. Like, somehow I could return.

Against Karolina, it's impossible to read it. That's the toughest thing ever. She has always the same toss. She just guide it with the wrist wherever she wants, and, I mean, the serve is minimum 175, 180 each time. And very precise, and, yeah, deep and powerful.

I mean, well, when you have a serve like this, it's such a weapon. And then the other one gets so stressed on her serve, because you have the feeling you're serving so bad compared to her, and she puts so much pressure on your second serve. Yeah, it's pretty much nightmare, actually. It makes me want to improve my own serve and be better next time.

Q. You know, you talked to your coach at 5-Love, and it seemed like you were saying your game plan, whatever you guys had talked about to do tonight, just wasn't either the right one or you were having trouble executing it. Can you talk about that? What did you want to do out there that you didn't think was working?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Play tennis? (Laughter.) Have fun? Something?

I don't know. I was not expecting to take, like, 20 winners in 10 minutes. Everybody knows I have pretty good legs, like I run pretty well. But I just couldn't do anything.

I was trying to dictate the point when I could, but actually, I never had the chance. When I had the chance, I was, like, rushing, because I was like, Oh, what's going on? That's why she's so good. I mean, she always put pressure on you.

Well, the plan before was a little bit what I did on the previous matches, which I just couldn't do because she was playing deeper and faster than the other girl I played against.

So, yeah, he told me to try to take my chances when I had the opportunity, but as I said, when I had a little one, I was just rushing and making the wrong choices. Yeah, it's gonna be very enriching even for the future. I just have to think a little bit about it.

Q. Can you compare her game to anybody else's on tour, like, what it's like when you face Karolina? Is it similar to anybody else that you face on tour?
ALIZÉ CORNET: I guess her ball is a little bit similar to Kvitova, because it's very flat and very deep.

But, yeah, I don't know. Yeah, it's like she can play so precisely. I don't know. Yeah, I would say a little bit like is Kvitova but right-handed. I think she even have, even has a better hand than Petra, actually.

Q. And touch?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Yeah. Sometimes she can really create some nice stuff. She's not only, like, a big hitter, you know. She surprise me with some nice toss and dropshots.

I don't know. She's pretty unique. As I said on the court, I really believe she can win a slam pretty soon.

Q. You had a pretty good week, though. For the Australian Open, sum up what you learned, besides tonight, what you learned about yourself and your game in Brisbane.
ALIZÉ CORNET: Yeah, the final today was a bit like -- the level was a bit low compared to what I did this week, so I really have to remember the four matches I did before, which were really good with good quality. I showed a lot of good things on the court with my tennis, with my attitude, with my fighting spirit.

So this is a lot of good things I have to take out of this tournament and bring it to Melbourne. There is going to be even more stress, because it's a slam and it's a very, very important rendezvous in the year.

But I think I'm pretty confident, because I felt a lot of good stuff on the court, and I felt I was really enjoying it and it's a first victory.

Q. How long have you been working with your current coach?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Like, three months. It's very recent.

Q. How did you find him?
ALIZÉ CORNET: I met him through the Academy of Mouratoglou, because he knew my coach there. The head coach of the academy is Benny Ebrahimzadeh. That's the one that takes care of me since two years now. So he knew Benny, so, voila. He make the meeting happen.

Yeah, it's pretty good. He's a nice guy, very calm. That's what I need.

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