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January 7, 2017

Milos Raonic

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously not the result you would have been hoping for today. What do you make of the match?
MILOS RAONIC: Yeah, it was difficult. He was playing well. You know, I didn't turn around and bring the performance I needed to bring. He made it obviously very difficult on myself.

I didn't serve a high enough percentage. I got a lot of free points throughout that first set, but no, I was just a tidbit slow. I think he won over 80% of second-serve points, which is, for lack of a better word, pretty bad on my side.

Q. Was there any hangover from playing a big match like last night and then having to play again today?
MILOS RAONIC: To some extent, but not really anything more than -- he, also, he finished not significantly earlier than I did. He finished pretty much one match before me.

So it was somewhat of a factor but not a major one, by any means.

Q. How do you feel you're progressing towards Melbourne Park?
MILOS RAONIC: Oh, I feel very good about it. I think, you know, I stepped up this week. I did quite a few very good things. Had a little hiccup in the way. It's about cleaning things up, and now I have some time to do that.

I feel like I have done a lot of things to be a much better player. I feel like I'm on that right track. I feel like if I can avoid that hiccup, I can have a very, very good time in Melbourne.

Q. What are the things you're working on the most?
MILOS RAONIC: Well, I've got to come forward more. Obviously, it's going to be some attention, hopefully, to make this an isolated incident on that lack of performance on second-serve returns, especially, I don't believe he served that high of first-serve percentage, so it wasn't like, you know, you're playing some guy like one of the guys that serves 80% just putting first serves in, and you get very few looks at second serves. I had quite a few looks, and I underperformed significantly in that scenario. That's where I've really got to step up.

It's hard to keep up pretty much with everybody when they are serving firsts. It's that second-serve return. So that's going to take attention.

It's going to be about recovering. I feel like I have done the work I needed to do, and it's going to be about sharpening up some things. But I think it's about really maybe putting in a few good days of work, and then after that, doing everything I can to be at 100%. Start Monday or Tuesday.

Q. So last night you said the mentality behind the game had a lot to do with your win over Rafa. Was it a lapse today, or was it a high last night, or...
MILOS RAONIC: No. Honestly, it was what kept me around for as long as it did, because I just didn't bring the level I needed to. I believe he played very well, and he did a lot of very good things.

You know, he was always making me hit an extra ball. He was defending really well. He was changing it up quite well. When he had to sort of step up, he stepped up on the first chance to be aggressive, so he's doing a lot of very good things, as well.

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