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January 7, 2017

William McGirt

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. 66 today, excellent play. Get some comments on your round.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Yeah, I've hit it really well this week. Finally made some putts today. I struggled sort of the first couple days with the grain in these greens. I think yesterday, I could have putted better blindfolded. It was ugly up until the very end. I think I had two 2-putt birdies yesterday. I hit one stone dead and actually made 15-footer on 17, so kind of figured something out there.

All in all, it's been pretty solid, and I've been kind of surprised, because I haven't played much golf since Sea Island. Really, since THE TOUR Championship. I played two tournaments in the fall. Haven't played much at all. Kind of had to make my own off-season since we don't get an off-season anymore.

Q. The putting, you said you figured it out. Anything specific?
WILLIAM McGIRT: It's a secret. No, I just went out and hit a bunch of putts yesterday and tried to figure out -- it seems like all the greens and grain, once it starts breaking and starts losing speed, that it really goes at that point. You've got to really keep the pace up on it. That's not the way I like to putt. I like to dial putts in there, but you kind of have to change your approach this week and kind of bang them in.

Q. You played THE TOUR Championship for the first time last fall, and this is the first time you're in Maui and first time to Augusta. Do you feel like a rookie right now?
WILLIAM McGIRT: A little bit, yeah. We don't have any past experiences to go on on this golf course. I keep asking him, I'm like, "Hey, what do you think this putt does?"

He's like, "I have no clue." Yeah, it's nice to do that. I think after this season, we'll have pretty much all the tournaments knocked out, so I can't say I'm a rookie anymore.

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