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January 7, 2017

Jimmy Walker

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. Looking on this round, what are you thinking?
JIMMY WALKER: Didn't putt. Just didn't make the putts I needed to make. Hit it really good. Plenty of looks. Nothing went in. That's just kind of frustrating, especially the finish. I had a good look on 17, and then to not get that up-and-down on 18 is a bummer.

Q. Surprised, considering how low you were putting in the first round?

Q. Is it speed? What is it?
JIMMY WALKER: It's a little bit of both. Speed was a little off. Keeps coming up short a little bit. I feel like it may have slowed down a little but that's just me. I'm hitting the putts the way I feel like I need to hit them. They are just not going in.

Q. I understand you're a little frustrated, but you're well in this tournament again. Looking forward to Sunday?
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, I am. I'd like to go and make a few more putts tomorrow. I feel like I'm hitting it really solid and giving myself plenty of looks. So keep doing that tomorrow.

Q. You're 143-under since 2011, leading the list by a long way. What is it about this area that does it for you?
JIMMY WALKER: I don't know. Wish I could tell you. Just enjoy the place. Like to get to about 150 tomorrow. That would be pretty good.

Q. Obviously a little frustration with the putting, but will you go work on it now? Is it something specific, or is it one of those days and you block it out tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow they will fall?
JIMMY WALKER: There's just little quirks about this place. Some putts, sitting on the side of the mountain, it's just tough sometimes with the grain. Sometimes they I defy what you think it should be doing. It's tough. Sometimes they are just really going in. Sometimes they are not. They just haven't been going in the last couple days.

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