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January 6, 2017

Jordan Thompson

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

K. NISHIKORI/J. Thompson

6-1, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us what happened out there. Looked like a little bit of physical fatigue. Maybe mental, as well? Describe that.
JORDAN THOMPSON: Well, not really. Maybe I came out a little bit slow. But he was playing pretty bloody well from the start, and he continued to play that way. That's why he's a top 5 player.

Q. You felt like you couldn't get into the match?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah. I mean, the scoreline suggests that, definitely. You know, he didn't let up at all. I couldn't really dictate play. He was just hitting it too big for me on the day.

Q. What's the emotions now? It's been a great week for you. Which way do you look at it when you look at what's happened this week?
JORDAN THOMPSON: It's positive. It's the first week of 2017, and I made a quarterfinal here in Brisbane. We're still in the doubles.

You know, getting matches under my belt, as well. It's definitely a positive week.

Q. The elephant in the room is match fixing. There were allegations yesterday against an 18-year-old Australian player in the tournament in Victoria last October. You have obviously played on the lower levels of the tour yourself. Can you tell us, A, as a player, how frustrating it is or how angry it makes you that this is happening, and B, have you ever been approached by anybody in this regard?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it's sad, but no, I have never been approached by anybody to do anything.

Q. You won that tournament. Are you aware of the story, and, you know, the investigations around it?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I read whatever came out in the media. Yeah, that's what I -- I know as much as you do.

Q. Do you think an offer of match fixing for money for a young player or an up-and-coming player is too much of a carrot dangling to refuse?

Q. Is too much of a carrot dangling to refuse?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I don't really understand what that means.

Q. Is it too much incentive to refuse if they get that offer?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I wouldn't know. I have never been approached, so I can't really comment.

Q. Do you know Oliver well?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not that well. I used to train up in Brisbane, and, yeah, he's obviously from here.

Q. What about how you feel? Does it diminish your success that week, knowing you won a tournament that's now tainted?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really. I mean, I just went about my business, and, you know, I won the tournament.

Q. Ferrer and Nishikori, two players within the top 20. You beat Ferrer two days ago. What was the key factor for that?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Sorry? What was the key factor for what?

Q. Nishikori and Ferrer, both top level. Why you play well, like, two days ago?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Two different game styles. You know, Ferrer plays a heavy ball, plays Spanish style. He grinds. I think I had a little bit more time on the ball the other night.

Today, Nishikori was coming at me hard. Didn't really let me dictate any play. Yeah, he definitely took my time away. I think that was a massive reason. That's why he's top 5.

Q. Finally, another question on match fixing. Do you get asked or get told by tennis authorities how to deal with that sort of thing if you were approached?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah. I mean, there has been some integrity things, like Tennis Australia, all about integrity, and ATP, as well. They teach you, like, what to do, I guess, what to do. There is a team in place and they are doing their job.

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