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January 6, 2017

Stan Wawrinka

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-7, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Would it be fair to say it just took a little bit of time to warm up today, or was it that Kyle came out of it harder, faster than you thought?
STAN WAWRINKA: No, I think I was playing really well. I think the match in general was high level, especially for first time. He was playing really aggressive. I was looking for my game a little bit, hesitating a little bit from few shots.

But then I think he start to be a little bit tired, went a little bit down when I start to accelerate a little bit more, when I start to took a little bit more my forehand and start also to be a little bit more aggressive. I was dictating a little bit more. It changed the game.

Q. You spent quite a bit more time on court today than your semifinal opponent. Do you think that will play into your semifinal against Kei?
STAN WAWRINKA: I don't think so. I think in general I'm feeling good. Was a tough match, for sure, today. Long match. Quite humid, also. Also tough physically. But, in general, I think I'm feeling good and ready.

I know it's going to be a tough match. We always play a really tough match against Kei. I beat him US Open. I lost World Tour Final quite easy. Also lost in Toronto tough semifinal. We played each other few times already last few months, so it's going to be interesting to see. We practiced here this week. I'm sure it's going to be a good match.

Q. Are you getting out of Brisbane what you want? Only week away from a Grand Slam, are you getting out of Brisbane what you want?
STAN WAWRINKA: So far it's been good. For sure, I want to win more matches here and not stop now.

But so far it's been great. I had some great practice few days before the tournament, a lot of practice, tough condition, and so was really sunny and hot, so was great to arrive in those conditions.

And now it's a tournament week, match week, so you focus on the match, trying to win, for sure. Today was a tough one, but really happy to get through and give me a chance to win and play the semifinal tomorrow.

Q. There has been some match-fixing allegations around Australia today in some low-level tournaments. What are your thoughts when you hear that sort of thing going on?
STAN WAWRINKA: I heard a bit. I didn't read all the story yet, so I don't know exactly all the story yet. I just heard about that.

I think that they are trying to fight against that, and that's good. They are trying to fight again those players who are doing match fixing, that's for sure, and that's the most important.

Q. Do you think there is too much pressure on young players at times?
STAN WAWRINKA: Which pressure?

Q. Like pressure to make money, pressure, you know, from coaches.
STAN WAWRINKA: I don't know. I think it's a chance to have pressure. I think it's a chance in your life, in your job, to have pressure of playing tennis, of winning matches, of going into nice city, traveling the world, playing in front of people.

I think it's quite a nice job to have.

Q. You seem to turn the match around when you turn on your power game, and yet Kyle Edmund is a powerful player. Do you think it's a bit ironic, that one?
STAN WAWRINKA: Yeah, for sure. I think first set he was the aggressive player. He was playing a little bit faster than me, taking the ball early. Was not easy for me to find my game.

I start to, as I said, to dictate a little bit more in the second, to take a little bit more the forehand, to make him run a little bit more. That's made the difference in the score.

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