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January 6, 2017

Patrick Reed

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Q. You birdied four of your last five,11 under par through 36 holes. Your thoughts on how it went today?
PATRICK REED: It went better. I learned a lot from yesterday. With not feeling well yesterday, I tried to hit some full shots and unfortunately with being under the weather, you just don't have complete control over your body. So when I touched the top of the band, I didn't feel like I had much control and it led to some loose iron shots.

So what I made sure I did today is I made sure I didn't swing harder than 90 percent on anything, and because of that, I had a lot more control and had a feel of where the club was and had a lot more quality looks at putts on the greens. Any time you have shorter putts, you're going to make some more putts.

Q. Missed one fairway and every green, and that's the first time in your history on the PGA TOUR, you're 18-for-18 on the greens. I know they are big greens, but there's a couple small ones out there. What does that mean to you?
PATRICK REED: It means a lot. It means that I learned from what I did yesterday and learned from it for today.

I feel like I've been swinging really well. My coach and I worked really hard at home the past couple weeks. We had a little bit of setback being sick this past week and leading into this week.

But it just means that my patterns and everything are kind of falling into place and are becoming muscle memory. I'm able to step up and make quality shots even with being under the weather and I'm able to have control of the golf ball, and that's key around here.

Q. You have 14 rounds around this golf course and 65-under par. You like this place, don't you?
PATRICK REED: I do. Any time I can come out, set up with wide fairways, large greens and be able to just kind of shape the golf ball and do whatever I want with it and be creative, it kind of fits into my wheelhouse.

Q. You felt worse today; you must feel a little bit better today. Can you elaborate a little bit more on how difficult it is to play under those kind of conditions?
PATRICK REED: It's tough. Yesterday, I felt like a little setback; I didn't feel very good. Today I don't really feel much better than yesterday. The only thing is -- you know, yesterday I had a lot of lipouts. I had a lot of lipout putts. I tried to do too much. I tried to hit the hard golf shots and swinging really hard at some of the shots rather than swinging easy.

You know, when you're sick, you don't really have much body control. You don't have really any sense of feel or touch. Because of that, when you're trying to swing hard, it just led to careless mistakes and careless bogeys.

Today I really made sure that if I had a full number, I clubbed down and hit it softer. Seemed to work. Was able to hit it a lot closer to the hole and stay away from mental mistakes.

Q. Other than the wide fairways and big greens, what else is it about this course that you just seem to love?
PATRICK REED: I think it's just the creativity. You step up and you can hit a big turn or you can hit a straight shot. You can kind of do whatever you want. It's just kind of whatever you see.

It's one of these places that I seem like I can come out and I can just start being creative and hitting different kind of golf shots. Because of that, it allows me to free up and not feel like I have to guide anything. I can just go ahead and make a golf swing. I wish more golf courses were like this.

Q. We asked you the other day about bottling the emotions from The Ryder Cup and carrying that over to events like this. You gave a very good answer, but do you feel like you kind of thought about that in the off-season and that's something you can capitalize on?
PATRICK REED: I did. It's definitely something I can capitalize on. We thought a lot about it. The hard part is tapping back into it, and also when your mind is not right and your body doesn't feel very good. It's hard to snap into that, as well.

Yesterday it was literally impossible I felt like to get into that kind of zone, and today it felt like it was close, but still it was really hard. I just learned off of the mistakes I made yesterday and carried it into today on what my body will allow me to do and going ahead and doing that.

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