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January 5, 2017

Garbine Muguruza

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

G. MUGURUZA/S. Kuznetsova

7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You finished that match off in two sets as opposed to three and nearly three hours. You're making progress.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Yes, well, it was tough at the end to close the match. You know, 5-4 and deuce, I had a match point, I got a little bit tense over there.

But, you know, I went to this match thinking it wasn't going to be very difficult. It's always very difficult with Svetlana. We played before, and, you know, it's always a battle. We train also together a few times in Spain. So we know pretty good each other.

I'm happy the way I performed, especially with the matches I have in my back, which are heavy matches. So very happy.

Q. How did you feel physically? That was two big games you had first round, second round.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, it was very tough. I could rest yesterday. That helped me.

Today maybe was not three hours, but I think almost two, and with Kuznetsova. So, well, thanks that I come from the preseason. Maybe I'm stronger than at the end of the season. I don't know.

Q. What did you feel like changed from that 1-4 deficit in the first set where you eventually won it?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: I think it took me a little bit to start the match today. I felt like, ah, like this, and she started playing well. And I had to get into the match a little bit.

It was 4-1, and then I started to, you know, think a little bit more, to feel more warmer, more ready to run more. It was a progress, I guess.

Q. Sam came down and said, you know, maybe you need to take it shot by shot, maybe not point by point, given your fatigue levels. How much did that help you? Seemed like it maybe settled you down. You played much more patient kind of tennis after that.
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Yeah. The more tired you are, I think he was right. You have got to think more simple. You know, sometimes you're thinking about a game or how to play, and today it was more about now, this ball, you know, this shot, because I was not feeling 100% maybe on the court, like, super.

So I think it was a great fight. I tried to do it.

Q. Seven hours on court, three matches. Semifinal against Cornet could be another long one. Are you worried about how much time you're spending out there at the beginning of the season?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: No, I'm not worried. I know with Cornet it is going to be a battle, a fighter, so I expect another touch match. I think it's good. The matches I'm playing here, the more hours I spend, especially at this level, which I think is very good, it's gonna help me. Doesn't matter for Australia. It's gonna help me for the year, you know, in general.

Q. Stosur and Svetlana and Alize are quite different players. Will that help you getting ready for the first slam of the year?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Yeah. I'm not really, really thinking about the Grand Slam. I'm thinking about more here, more my matches.

It's kind of concentrating here, because it gonna help me for later. But, yeah, I'm happy obviously because I'm winning these tough matches but also the way I feel on the court.

I think I got a tough draw (smiling) but I'm happy. I'm happy.

Q. How much confidence do you get out of that? It was a very tough draw for a top seed. You know, you get through these matches, you saved match points, you come back from down in the scoreline and make a semifinal. How much more confident do you feel now that everything you did in the preseason and offseason, you know, was right, that, you know, you're ready?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Yes, I think so. Like you said, when you come after the preseason, you kind of doubt a little bit. You're like, how it's gonna go. Not because I change my game or something, but I was, like, doubting, it's the first of the year, and see how I feel or something. It's like a test.

So I feel that I did a good job in the preseason, even though with these matches I felt like I did a good job. I'm happy the way I'm moving, I'm running, hitting the ball, et cetera.

Q. Having won that Grand Slam in France, how much extra confidence does that bring to your game now?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: It brings confidence. Confidence is on and off sometimes, but it was not only my game. It was more about how good as a tennis player I could be, you know. Maybe not every match I play, but, like, like I made it, you know, I won a Grand Slam, and it's something that is not gonna help me miracle every match. But when I think about it, I'm like, I can play her good, and it helps me to have it in the back of my mind. But it's not magical.

Q. What are the things you did in the offseason, whether beach runs or hill climbs or whatever, to be confident in your fitness?
GARBIÑE MUGURUZA: Well, I did a lot of fitness. A lot. It was important for me to get fit, because I had some injuries, some pains, and, you know, a lot of work on the court, you know, like physically, a lot of running, a lot of movement on the court.

I think it was very important because I'm a tall girl and I need to work on that. Not only to hit hard; to move well, as well.

So, yeah. In general, everything. But movement a lot, also.

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