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January 5, 2017

Alize Cornet

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A. CORNET/D. Cibulkova

6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Great way to start the season? Just gets better each day?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Yeah. Yeah, it's wonderful to have won this match today. I'm very proud, very happy. I did a really good match.

Dominika is always very tough to beat. She's fighting till the end. When she came back to 5-All in the second set, I was not very confident, but I really tried to stay calm and to think about the present moment.

Very happy to be in the semis here in Brisbane. It's a really nice performance.

Q. That second set, was that your nerves or did she pick her game up from 5-2?
ALIZÉ CORNET: I started to make some double faults. I was probably, yeah, a little bit nervous. And also that's the amazing thing about Dominika, is when she's against the wall, she rise her level. It's amazing, like, she started to make winners and to support herself even more, showing me that she would not let go.

But, you know, I knew it. I am actually the same way. I wouldn't have let go a single point. And, yeah, I think it's good that I could win this match in two sets and finally close it up at 7-5.

Q. You're the only unseeded player left in the women's draw. Do you feel you belong regularly in that company?
ALIZÉ CORNET: Yeah. If I play this level, the whole year, I believe I'll be probably sitting next year here in Brisbane. At least I hope so.

I always had a lack of consistency during my career, and maybe the fact that I'm 26, I'm a little bit older now, I have more experience, and I feel like maybe I'm touching something during this week of Brisbane.

Emotionally, I handle my emotions much better. And I think that's how I got some really great victories here.

We will see. I don't want to say that it's done, but definitely when I see myself playing like this, I believe that I can go higher in the ranking.

Q. You beat two seeds this week, and last year, you know, you had that run in Hobart, and this year now. What is it about kind of the start of the season, Australia or something?
ALIZÉ CORNET: It's the Australian things, I think (smiling).

I'm always in good shape in the beginning of the year, for sure. Maybe going out from the preseason I feel fit, I feel ready to go, very excited to play competition, which maybe I'm a little bit missing then in the rest of the season because we get tired.

But also playing here in Australia is always a dream, like, I love to be here, I love the crowd, I love the country, I love the city.

I'm just happy, you know. I think I show it on the court by enjoying every moment. Seems to work pretty well (smiling).

Q. Just speaking of your game, like, what do you think has been working well for you throughout the week that, you know, has allowed you to get to this point of the tournament?
ALIZÉ CORNET: First of all, I think I move very well on the court. So it's tough for my opponents to make winners.

I read the game, like, really well. Today I was feeling amazing on this part of the game, like, I could feel I could really read where she was about to play.

And then, you know, I think in the last preseason I really improved on many different aspects of my game. My forehand is deeper, is more heavy. My serve is much more efficient in first serve. I have a lot of free points, actually.

And, yeah, then being solid. Everything is just a bit better. It's not, like, a big change, but it feels good to play this way. I enjoy it really well.

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