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January 1, 2017

Jordan Thompson

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Well played today. You must be really happy. Fourth ATP win and at home, getting through to the second round?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it's always good to start off a new year with a win, especially here in Brisbane. It's my first main draw here.

Yeah, pretty happy.

Q. You got off to a great start, breaking a couple times. He really worked into the game.
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, the balls started out new. I was putting a few more in than he was. Balls started getting a little bit heavier and started making a few more.

So we got back to 4-3 and we got new balls again. Got out to 6-3. Yeah, I think as the conditions got a little bit heavier, it was easier for him to put a few more balls in and he started playing a bit better.

Q. What were you most pleased about?
JORDAN THOMPSON: I didn't make too many errors. I returned pretty well, and movement was good. Can always count on that.

Q. You obviously got your rankings up last year, working the challengers and whatnot. How important was it for you to have made it to this time of year to use whatever chances you had in the ATP?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I was one out of this tournament, so I was unlucky not to get in. I had to use a wildcard. I wanted to get in off my ranking, but it didn't really affect too much. I was thinking I had a pretty good shot at getting a wildcard.

Yeah, but the rankings weren't where it needs to be at this stage. Hopefully I can get it higher. Pretty happy with it at the moment.

Q. All going well? You can even play Bernie in the next round?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I could play Bernie or Ferrer. I think they play tomorrow. I haven't seen the schedule.

Yeah, it would be a good test for me. Hopefully be better than last time if I play Bernie.

Q. You went to Rio and played in the Olympics. How was that?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, that was awesome. Played the four Grand Slams and then the Olympics. It's like a fifth one.

Yeah, pretty incredible to represent your country. I was stoked to be there.

Q. Could be the third-highest-ranked Australian now. Do you feel a little bit of responsibility there?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Not really. I mean, a little bit, like trying to keep my cool out there, I guess. Try not to make a fool of myself.

Used to happen when I was a bit younger. Yeah, I used to get a bit carried away. I think I'm maturing and becoming pretty good.

Q. You got to the French Open second round. Had a ding-dong struggle there?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, I guess the highlight was the French Open, maybe Wimbledon, as well, played a marathon doubles match there. That was pretty cool.

Yeah, I guess nearly making the third round of the French, I was within a whisker.

Q. What's your plan after this tournament?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Sydney at the moment. Yeah. And quallies there.

Q. You've got to go through quallies?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get another wildcard. I have to go through quallies. That's that.

Q. How about the heat out there?
JORDAN THOMPSON: Yeah, it was still pretty humid. You could see we were both sweating absolute rockets.

Yeah, the air was pretty thick. The balls were getting heavier. Yeah, but overall I think I handled the conditions pretty well.

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