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January 1, 2017

Alex De Minaur

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A. DE MINAUR/F. Tiafoe

6-7, 6-4, 6-4

A flash interview with:


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to win that?
ALEX DE MINAUR: It's unbelievable. Such a tough match, especially how hot it is outside. I mean, I'm really happy to get off the court with a win.

Q. You had to come back out after dropping that first.
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, the first set was tough, so I knew hopefully I was going to get some chances in the second.

I just made a big effort to stay in that match at all points and ended up getting my opportunity and I took it.

Q. You had a couple of opponents in qualifying that were well ranked ahead of you.
ALEX DE MINAUR: Yeah, I mean, I'm playing really good tennis, and at the moment I couldn't feel any better.

Q. Where do you see yourself going now? You're in the main draw.
ALEX DE MINAUR: I'm just happy to be through quallies. We will just see how it goes. I'm going to go out on court, just play my tennis and have fun.

Q. What did it mean to you to have Lleyton Hewitt there cheering you on?
ALEX DE MINAUR: Oh, it was pretty good, because so many times he's come back from tough matches. You know, I'm happy I could do that today in the heat. Especially, you know, having him out there, it means a lot.

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