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December 30, 2016

Dalvin Cook

Jimbo Fisher

Miami Gardens, Florida

Florida State - 33, Michigan - 32

Q. Dalvin, so many ups and downs in this game. Take us through that fourth quarter, what's going through your mind?
DALVIN COOK: Man, that's what I'm telling you about this team right here, man. Whatever we face, we battle back, and that's what Coach Fisher instilled in us, man. This team kept fighting and it showed in this game. We got down, but we kept fighting. We were never out of the fight. A young guy stepped up and made the play. That's who you'd never think, man and I'm so proud of this team the way we just kept battling back.

Q. 30-plus friends, family here to watch you. How great is this?
DALVIN COOK: Greatest feeling in the world, man. To do it in this stadium with my family and with the greatest coach in the world, it's the greatest feeling.

Q. You made the decision to play in this game while a lot of other first-round running back picks decided not to.
DALVIN COOK: Never thought about it, never questioned it.

Q. Coach, tell us about that.
JIMBO FISHER: You're playing, you're keeping score, he's going to play. Don't matter how he feels or what is going on.

Q. Fourth quarter got wild. Take us through the emotions back and forth.
JIMBO FISHER: We lost the line of scrimmage. We gave up -- we had the big punt return. What really set things up, up 12 at midfield, got backed up, then we got the targeting and then we couldn't block them. Their front is really good but our kids kept their poise. We had the big drive and then the two-minute drive and the kickoff return and we got the big drive. But kids just kept fighting. Situational football and we were able to pull it out.

Q. You told us when we met with you that you're as proud of this team as any team you've ever coached. Why is that?
JIMBO FISHER: : Because of what you just saw today. People kept asking what you had to play for. This is what we got. You're keeping score, you're playing. That's what Florida State does.

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