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December 29, 2016

Tim Williams

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. When it came to the front seven, we always call it a front 14. You got to work guys in and out. This year, your role has expanded. How have you embraced the new role this season?
TIM WILLIAMS: I embrace it because the guys I play next to, you know, they help me. They help me to embrace it, you know what I'm saying. John Allen, he's been playing since his freshman year.

Reuben's been playing off and on since freshman. Everybody has some type of taste playing in big games. So I'm pretty sure when we leave, it's going to be a champion somewhere on our roster to help somebody to know, okay, this is what you should do in moments like this, you know what I'm saying.

Don't overthink this and stuff like that, because I've been through this and I won a championship. That's one of the things I'd say that we have here at Alabama is we have a lot of champions, guys that can know what it takes.

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