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December 29, 2016

Tim Williams

Atlanta, Georgia

TIM WILLIAMS: The pressure of winning a national championship probably don't equal up to the pressure that Saban puts on us every day in practice to be great. We trust in the process, knowing that we do this in a certain way, that's it's a million -- not a million, but a couple teams he's coached before that won a championship that done the same thing. The blueprint right there, so all we got to do is trust in the process.

Q. Walking out of here, your final year at Alabama, what is the take-home message after playing under Nick Saban and spending this much time with him? What is the take-home message you'll remember for the rest of your life?
TIM WILLIAMS: Be what you feel. Always be what you feel. Can't be thinking about, you know, other things, external sources that, you know, they're going to distract you from your main mission, your main goal.

He just always preach to us that these big games we be having, going undefeated, so the pressure is right there every game, you know. And just the way he's just calm but always, you know, disciplined. That's the main thing. He's a general.

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