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December 28, 2016

Mike Williams

Glendale, Arizona

MIKE WILLIAMS: I mean, it's probably just his confidence. I haven't watched the offense yet. So I can't speak on that. I don't know much about that.

Q. The game on the line this year, seems like a lot of people have (indiscernible)?
MIKE WILLIAMS: You just gotta be prepared for every situation. You never know when your number is going to be called. Like you said, Jordan made a lot of big plays and I made a lot of plays. A lot of guys made plays in offense, have to be prepared and ready for any situation.

Q. A lot of competition in the receiver room?
MIKE WILLIAMS: That also makes us a good group. We have people behind us who are real good. Helps us work harder and just come with a great mentality.

Q. What do you remember about being in the stadium last year (indiscernible)?
MIKE WILLIAMS: Yeah, that was a tough moment. I wanted to be out there to help my teammates, but unfortunately I couldn't. So I just told the coaches that we have an opportunity, if I have an opportunity to come out and play at Clemson I want to get back to a National Championship and win it.

Q. How hard is it to deal with the Mike Williams (indiscernible)? When you go home for Christmas and you have a break, people telling you things --
MIKE WILLIAMS: I really just block it out right now. I mean, I still have a couple more games to play. I have to focus on this and it handles itself. Play well everything is going to handle itself. That's basically the main thing. Just block it all out at the moment.

Q. What do you think of their secondary?
MIKE WILLIAMS: They're all a great group. They play together. They cover very well. Play the ball in the air very well. Have a great safety who cover the field. It's going to be a challenge for us.

Q. How do you rate them? Are they as good as yours?
MIKE WILLIAMS: Yeah, they're probably one of the best we faced this year.

Q. Hooker has three or four pick sixes, six interceptions. Deshaun doesn't throw the ball to the other team? (Indiscernible)
MIKE WILLIAMS: No comment.

Q. They play a lot of man coverage. Obviously look forward to that?
MIKE WILLIAMS: Yeah, I look forward to that every week. Don't matter, if they want to play man coverage, if they feel comfortable with that, we just have to attack that.

Q. When you look at Hooker and those guys in the secondary and how they're going to try to depend on you, is that the biggest challenge you guys faced?
MIKE WILLIAMS: As a group, yeah, I think they're one of the best groups we played this year. It's going to be a challenge. We have to finish preparing this week and be ready for them.

Q. Coach said they have different coverages they disguise very well. Is that what you see, too, when you watch film?
MIKE WILLIAMS: That's the main thing. They try to start one way, then flip it during the middle of the play. We just have to watch some more film on them and just be ready.

Q. You just played against a defensive coordinator who is notorious for disguising stuff. How different what they do in the secondary to what Bud Foster and Virginia Tech does?
MIKE WILLIAMS: I think it's a little different because I feel like Ohio State DBs are better. So I feel like they probably do a little bit more different things than Virginia Tech showed. That's probably the main thing.

Q. What's this like for you personally being in this game being where you were last year, sitting on the sidelines, having to watch, what's it like for you now to know that you're going to be playing on Saturday?
MIKE WILLIAMS: It's a special moment. I am just soaking it all in right now. Just being out there watching my teammates last year, I wanted to be a part of that; and just to be a part of it this year, it is a very special moment.

Q. Was it hard last year having to sit there on the sidelines and watch?
MIKE WILLIAMS: Yeah, it was tough.

Q. What was the toughest part?
MIKE WILLIAMS: Just knowing you can be out there helping your teammates. I felt like maybe what if I was out there, we probably would have won. So just things like that. Just saying what if.

Q. Is that what motivated you? Obviously you were already motivated before then, but did that motivate you even more when you came back in January?
MIKE WILLIAMS: That was a big motivation to me. I feel like just me coming back this year I told the coaches there I wanted to play in the National Championship.

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