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December 27, 2016

Carlos Watkins

Glendale, Arizona

CARLOS WATKINS: I get pumped up, fired up. I still have butterflies. It will be a mixture. But once the first play is over, that's all gone.

Q. You guys get into the Power Rangers deal? We're from Ohio so we're not familiar. Christian was talking about it over there.
CARLOS WATKINS: He's the real reason that we got into the Power Ranger deal. He thought he was a Power Ranger when he first got here. It kind of rubbed off on us. And he thought it would be a good idea if the "D" line if we all became the Rangers, what not. But, yeah, it was his idea.

Q. What did you think at first; were you like okay?
CARLOS WATKINS: I was like maybe.

Q. Who are you on this?
CARLOS WATKINS: I'm Mastodon. I'm the black Ranger.

Q. Fit you?
CARLOS WATKINS: Yeah, I can say it fits me. I kind of watched a couple of videos on YouTube to get a feel for it. I kind of like it now. It grew on me.

Q. If you sack J.T., is it the Power Rangers?
CARLOS WATKINS: Yeah, the thing is, it's morphing, it's the morphing right there.

Q. But that's what you do after big plays?
CARLOS WATKINS: Christian does. We supposedly get each other morphed, but he kind of does it on his own.

Q. What do you think of their offense?
CARLOS WATKINS: Very talented offense. They've got a lot of ways they can beat you on the ground, in the air, and especially when you have a quarterback that can move in the pocket, move around, scramble. He's a part of their run game. So it makes it a lot more dangerous.

So they have a great defense as well. So our offense is going to have to --

Q. What do you see in their offense; they have some similarities?
CARLOS WATKINS: Like I was saying, it's real big, physical in there. They move really well for their size. Just going side to side or pulling and creating new blocks. So it will be a challenge up front.

Q. Before last year had you ever been to Arizona before?
CARLOS WATKINS: Last year was my first time I've ever been out to Arizona.

Q. Would you say at all it's a bit of a culture shock coming from Clemson to the other side of the country?
CARLOS WATKINS: Yeah, it's definitely a culture shock. There's a lot of land out here. I don't see much grass, a lot of rocks and sand, I guess.

Q. Did you enjoy the entire experience last year? You only had a few days. So a week of preparation this year is going to maybe entail some different types of things?
CARLOS WATKINS: Yeah, we've got a little more time. It was the National Championship last year. So it was more of a business trip, not like a bowl game with a little vacation. So it was more of a business trip last year. So hopefully this year I get to experience a lot more.

Q. You're leaving Clemson better than you found it; what's the legacy of these seniors?
CARLOS WATKINS: Something we talked about before the season started, we had a chance to do something great, leave our legacy, become the most, become the winningest class in Clemson history.

Also had a chance to get another National Championship. So, I mean, it was just something we knew we had or could accomplish. So, I mean, that's why we've been challenging each other each and every day, each game.

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