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December 17, 2016

Archie Miller

Chicago, Illinois

Northwestern - 67, Dayton - 64

THE MODERATOR: Coach, give is your thoughts on tonight's game?

COACH MILLER: I give great credit to Northwestern. Great start to the game for those guys. Clearly knocked us on our heels very early. Both ends of the floor did a tremendous job of making the game difficult on us. Coming into the game, kind of felt that way. That they had the ability to really spread us out. Defensively, very tough around the rim, and that's what it became.

I saw the frustration sort of set in. On some level offense carried the defense or defense carried the offense, and that can't happen.

Credit to our team out of halftime. It's not easy to go through one of those halves, but a different mentality, and a much different stick-to-it mentality, a better togetherness, and we were able to fight and we were able to make some sort of game out of it. The percentages and the score are almost flip-flopped.

But, clearly, we weren't ready to go out of the gate, and that sort of starts with me, and then we'll get back to the drawing board.

Q. How frustrating is it in a familiar pattern in the three losses with a tough first half and great second half?
COACH MILLER: We've talked a lot about that with our team here tonight, and it's got to stop. Especially in some of our more marquis games against some of the better teams we've played, we have not been able to go from first half into halftime without some type of giant hole.

To our guys' credit, I think you can see some fight, but we have to be more consistent. We have to be better. In particular, in most of those games where we've been bad, we've gotten bullied. We've gotten manhandled. Whether it be the glass or our inability to run good offense, we just have not been tough-minded against some of the teams that we've needed to be. It's surprising, but at the same time, it's something that you've got to keep learning lessons and getting better.

Q. Late in the second half, Darrell was on the court maybe more in the past than Kyle was and Kyle wasn't as much. What was your thinking there?
COACH MILLER: Feel, just feel, feeling the game. I think Darrell was playing excellent defense; he has been the last few games. Hopefully at some point in time he can regain his shooting touch, but felt like Darrell gave us a better chance in the second half just because of the runs that we were on, he was in there. So we just went with him.

Q. The two Chicago guys, Kyle and Kendall, did you feel they were maybe a little too keyed up at the start?
COACH MILLER: No, I didn't get that feel. Keyed up would have been wild. Keyed up would have been too amped up. I didn't feel either of that. I thought both guys genuinely wanted to play well, like they should have.

I think genuinely they're probably disappointed in leaving. It was great to get them back home. Wish we could have done a better job for them though.

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