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December 17, 2016

James Blackmon Jr.

Thomas Bryant

Indianapolis, Indiana

Butler - 83, Indiana - 78

Q. What turned it around in the second half when obviously you fell into deficit?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Really it was a mindset thing, energy thing. That's what we're upset about, the way we came out in the first half. We can't let that happen. We got in a deficit in the beginning of the game and that put us in a hole. That's what happened.

Q. I guess talk about, James, the way you came out in the first half. Is there something you can kind of attribute that or maybe just kind of the way that they got away from you a little bit toward the end of the first?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Just really trying to bring it on both ends, get everyone going, and just getting my teammates going, as well. I feel like I could have done a way better job of that, and we fell a little short.

Q. Thomas, the inbounds play in the final minute with Wideman, what did you see in that final moment there?
THOMAS BRYANT: Just a misunderstanding with me and my teammates. I've just got to be better in that moment.

Q. Thomas and James, you guys didn't get a three in the first half. What do you need to do offensively to get things going when the threes aren't falling?
THOMAS BRYANT: It's all about mindset. We've just got to keep playing with the mindset no matter if shots are going down. You just have to keep playing, stay aggressive on the offensive end, and just play real good defense because we know our defense will turn into good offense.

JAMES BLACKMON JR.: Yeah, there's really not one thing that we stress upon because we know at the end of the day we're going to make shots. It's just when they're not falling, we've got to have something else going for us, and in the first half, we didn't have that going.

Q. Obviously Kelan Martin had a big game, but Butler in general shot pretty well from outside. What were they doing to get open on the perimeter?
JAMES BLACKMON JR.: We gave them rhythm shots. We didn't have our hands up all the time. He got high -- we had our hands down, and we just gave him rhythm, open shots, and that's what scorers need.

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