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December 11, 2016

Andrew Dodt

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. What's your impression of the way you've played across the course of the week?
ANDREW DODT: It's been a really solid week. I followed on where I left off from last week. Made a lot of birdies. Made a few mistakes, which you're going to do around here.

But today early on, there were a lot of key moments. It could have easily gone the wrong way early. I holed some good putts for pars, and just hung in there. Then holed some big putts for birdie, which sort of kick started the round and I got going.

Q. Presumably, the heart really beating on the back nine knowing it was a tussle with, what, maybe five of you?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, and it got really tricky, too, with the wind. It was gusting. Where you think the wind is in the yardage book doesn't necessarily mean that's where it is. It kind of swirls out here a bit. There were some pressure moments and I handled them quite well, probably except for maybe the 18th tee shot.

Q. Bigger picture, it's terrific, isn't it, on the back of such a fine performance in Australia last week, knowing that this is the 2017 season to start so well.
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, and I wanted to get off to a good start. That was the goal, to put 2016 season behind me. It wasn't my best. I wanted to hit the ground running at the PGA and I followed it on up here.

Q. And the plan from now?
ANDREW DODT: I'm looking forward to a drink and just relaxing. It's quite intense being in contention two weeks in a row, so I'm looking forward to getting home, putting the feet up and having a drink.

Q. And presumably there's a bit of confidence you can take forward and also you can be relaxed a little bit more about the season, knowing that you have this under your belt?
ANDREW DODT: Yeah, being relaxed doesn't sit with me that well. I seem to relax a little bit too much. I've really got to play like it's on the line, which I have these two weeks. I've got to continue that next year.

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