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December 10, 2016

Justin Walters

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. What are your thoughts on a third day which has its ups-and-downs, but leaves you in good position?
JUSTIN WALTERS: Wasn't my best ball-striking day today, especially off the tee. I only hit three fairways and that always makes it difficult around here. Still managed a decent score and give myself a chance for tomorrow.

Q. Is that a different satisfaction knowing you got the most out of things even though you were not on your top?
JUSTIN WALTERS: In a way, yes, because I think that's what I struggled with the most in the past. Because I haven't won a tournament in four years, because of the day where I did struggle a little bit, I did give away more than I normally should. Today I kind of kept it in a decent score, and as I said, gives myself a chance tomorrow and hopefully I can play a little better.

Q. Please tell me you don't go away and dwell on things. Are you revitalized into the final day, knowing just how good you are?
JUSTIN WALTERS: Absolutely. I've been working so hard. I can't tell you how hard I've been working on the game. This is why we work hard on our game is to be in position to win tournaments, and I'm relishing the opportunity tomorrow and hopefully I can do a better job.

Q. When you look at the leaderboard, it's quite nice, nobody has pulled way and so the opportunity is there?
JUSTIN WALTERS: Absolutely. I don't think it's the kind of golf course where you can really pull away too quickly. You have to be really precise, and anyone that goes really low has done really well. I think that's feasible more in the mornings maybe when the greens are more receptive. In the afternoon they seem to be rolling out a bit.

Hopefully we can stay in touch tomorrow and get the job done.

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