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December 9, 2016

Tommy Fleetwood

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. How was that for a second day?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: All right. Could have been better. Could have been worse. I didn't swing it great really. The ball went in the right direction a lot of the time but my swing never felt good. But when you look back at it, I had a few chances. Made a couple, missed a couple and played the last like an idiot. But all in all, 2-under, it's not bad. You just always feel like it could be better.

Q. And essentially, there are so many positives, so many birdies, so the position is good, isn't it?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, it is. It's funny, actually. 6-under just shows that the course not being that long, it just shows how tricky it plays. So you know, that's great to see really when you don't have a long course and everybody seems to love these kind of courses. We don't have enough of them to be honest, the short ones that make you play golf properly.

But yeah, going to have a lot to do by the looks of it unless Rafa comes back, which you never know, still 36 holes to go. After two rounds, you'd take it.

Q. Presumably you knew a bit about Hong Kong, but to visit it for the first time, is it living up to expectations and ones you immediately fell in love with?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It is a cool place. I haven't done loads yet. I've had a wander around. Like I said yesterday, I had a wander around everywhere but not done loads. Now got a whole weekend now to have some nice food and visit some of the sights.

Q. In terms of the course itself, was that love at first sight?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I thought it was tough as soon as I saw it. Courses always seem really hard on a Monday and this one seems hard and it's still Friday. It's staying the same, but no, it is a great course. You don't find anybody that says a bad word about it actually. It's great. If you miss the fairways, it makes it very tough.

And then the greens, without doing anything stupid, there's run-offs, the greens are -- they kind of slope one way a lot of the time but they are still tough because you've got to keep it below the hole. It's just simple things that you don't kind of realise but it is such a good golf course and you've got to play well.

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