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December 8, 2016

Kirsten Bernthal Booth

Lydia Dimke

Jaali Winters

Austin, Texas

THE MODERATOR: Good afternoon. We are here with Creighton. We have head coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth, junior setter, Lydia Dimke, and sophomore outside hitter Jaali Winters. We'll first have a statement from coach, and then we'll take questions.

COACH BERNTHAL BOOTH: Well, we're really excited to be here. I think it's everyone's first time to play -- no, Lydia's played here, but no one else on our team has played here or coached here. I think you've got to say Texas has the edge being on their home court.

But I think the exciting thing about this regional is any of the four of us feel like we can come out of it. I think obviously we have great respect and watch tons of film on Michigan and know we're going to be in for a battle. And we know BYU and Texas are two great teams. So we're looking forward to four great volleyball teams battling it out and for an opportunity to move on.

Q. What are you expecting from Michigan?
LYDIA DIMKE: I think like any team at this point, we're expecting them to come out and they're going to be ready to go. I think we can watch a lot of film and we can prepare, but it's all going to change when they get on the court. They're fighting for the same spot we are, so at this point everyone's going to come out and play their best volleyball. So we have to expect the "A" game from Michigan tomorrow.

Q. Can you talk about your winning streak?
JAALI WINTERS: Yeah, we've obviously had a lot of success this season, and we just want to keep continuing our streak, and we just want to keep playing together, honestly. We have a great team, we love being together, so just getting one more week to play with everybody would be great.

Q. What will it be like for you playing Texas in Gregory Gym?
JAALI WINTERS: Are we excited to match up with Texas? Yeah, I haven't even seen the gym yet, so I'm excited to see it. We've only been in the locker room thus far, so it's exciting to be in this arena.

LYDIA DIMKE: I think it's a little bitter sweet for me, since I played here last year, they ended our season. And I don't want that to happen again, so I'm excited to be back to change that destiny.

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