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December 8, 2016

Ian Poulter

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. What are your thoughts on a start like this?
IAN POULTER: A little bit annoyed to be honest with you, because the start was actually quite nice, 3-under through four. And then missed three or four chances after that to really extend a nice birdie run. Didn't happen. Mental error on 18 with a 9-iron in hand. Should be really aggressive; I wasn't. Poor focus led to a bogey, a bogey there.

And a 9-iron on the second led to another mistake; mental error. And another mental error on the next par 3.

So three mental error mistakes there were very costly, three bogeys. A simple up-and-down for me at 9, just short of the green after a poor tee shots are just pitching up the green, didn't hit a good tee shot, didn't hit a good pitch shot and subsequently made another bogey.

So I'm really annoyed. I'm probably going to need to go to a padded room for about half an hour, and then I'll be all right.

Q. It sounds most unlike you to make mental errors.
IAN POULTER: No, not in the last couple of years. I've made way too many. It's really getting on my nerves at the moment. I'm getting frustrated on the course which doesn't help and I've got every right to be annoyed. Especially after getting off to a decent start like that. It's unlike me; I shouldn't be making those mistakes and I need to rectify it.

Q. After an hour in a padded cell will you appreciate the foundation isn't bad for the week?
IAN POULTER: No, I'm going to be an angry man until I feel I get myself back in position. It's disappointing because I'm putting some work in and I'm doing some great stuff, and I'm not getting the rewards because my brain is getting in the way. So I just need to move that middle Inc. Square cube over a little bit in between my ears and we might be all right.

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