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December 8, 2016

Jordan Smith

Fanling, Hong Kong

Q. Tell us how good a start this is in Hong Kong?
JORDAN SMITH: I was really happy how I played.

Q. How familiar were you with the course and what did you expect?
JORDAN SMITH: Well, obviously I played the practice round on Tuesday. Did our homework. Knew it was going to be tough and the greens were seriously quick.

Q. Is this one of those events that you've noticed down the years and thought, one day, I'll end up playing there?
JORDAN SMITH: Well, obviously I've seen it on TV and stuff and dreamed of playing on The European Tour, and managed to accomplish that.

Q. What do you make of it as a traditional style like this?
JORDAN SMITH: I like it, yeah. Bit tighter, bit shorter and bit more fiddly and sort of tough greens.

Q. Is there any difference stepping out on The European Tour as a member?
JORDAN SMITH: Yeah, for sure. Well, there was a bit more pressure for me but I was coming off the back of a good year but had a lot of confidence and standard is incredible. Just got to go out there and keep it going.

Q. Still bubbling and got that confidence rolling on?
JORDAN SMITH: Didn't have a great round last week, but the Friday round I played really good. So there's good signs this week.

Q. Obviously this is the end of a year but it's also the start of a season. Do you get a moment to sit back and reflect and change targets, ambitions?
JORDAN SMITH: After Oman on The Challenge Tour, took a week or so off and sort of reviewed things, set targets for this year. Do the same after Christmas and New Year's.

Q. Do you modify expectations?
JORDAN SMITH: The goal I set myself this year is just to keep my card and once that's accomplished, I can look at obviously going on and winning an event.

Q. As you're here in Hong Kong, any chance to have a look around or is it all golf, all business?
JORDAN SMITH: We've done a little bit of sight seeing the last couple days. Played early in the practice round and done some sight seeing afterwards. Walking around the area and enjoying it.

My game is in good shape and I'm feeling good for the 2017 season.

Q. What do you have planned for the rest of the week?
JORDAN SMITH: Just to keep doing what I'm doing and hopefully that's enough.

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